About XMission

Why should you consider XMission?

Over 15 Years in Business

Founded in November of 1993 by Pete Ashdown, XMission is Utah's oldest commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) and supports the largest customer base of any independent ISP in the state.

Competitive Pricing

Because XMission has one of the largest diverse carrier networks in the western United States, we give customers competitive rates on everything from residential connections to optical business connections.

Wide Platform Support

XMission supports most current software and all major platforms, including Windows (2K, NT, XP, Vista), Mac, and Linux. We also provide our customers with access to our online software archive at http://mirrors.xmission.com.

Powered by 100% Renewable Energy

Through Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky program, XMission purchases more than 2800 blocks of renewable energy per month. By purchasing renewable power, we offset 3,391 tons of CO2 emission or the effect of driving 7.26 million miles each month - this equates to planting 1,332 acres of trees!

Stellar Customer Service

Our friendly and talented technicians will patiently and thoroughly work with you to make the most of your Internet connection. Everyone at XMission greatly values our customers, and we want to help in any way that we can, whenever we can. To hear our customers' point of view, please read our reviews on www.dslreports.com

Frequent, honest communication

To keep our clients informed of new services, upgrades, or maintenance activities, XMission emails summaries to all subscribers and archives announcements at our web site. We also provide public, real-time graphs that detail our bandwidth (redundancy, availability, and usage), mail volume, and blocked spam. Go ahead and judge XMission's performance for yourself: http://stats.xmission.com/

Excellent Technical Resource

For computer savvy clients who prefer hands-on access to robust and reliable systems, XMission offers access that other ISPs won't even consider. With our extensive platform support, networking expertise, secure systems, and programming capabilities, XMission is a resource that works for you.

Public Wifi

XMission provides free, unrestricted wireless Internet access to popular locations and areas along the Wasatch front. Hotspots include public areas, local restaurants, retail locations, and resorts.

Support of Nonprofits

XMission provides Internet services valued at up to $600 annually to any Utah 501(c)3 without bias. XMission also sponsors a number of community events and exhibits including the Utah Arts Festival, Living Traditions Festival, Salt Lake Valley Science and Engineering Fair, Twilight Concert Series, and The Living Planet Aquarium. Additionally, XMission provides underwriting support and streaming services to KUER, KCPW, KPCW, KUTE, UPR, KRCL, and Utah Free Media.

Local Recognition