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A 12" travel telescope

Deep Space Trill

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I want to create the biggest telescope that can be transported in checked luggage on an airplane.  Thus, DS-Trill is born. Very high level requirements are for a 12" telescope that weighs under 50 pounds (including case), and fits in wheeled luggage.Update: Total weight needs to be at or under 44 pounds.  Maximum luggage weight in some countries for train transport is 20 kilos.

Powerpoint presentation given at Okie-Tex and OzSky : Building Deep Space Trill.

Designs and requirements are here: DS-Trill Design and brainstorming notes. (TBD)

Building steps and details are here: DS-Trill Building directions. (TBD)

Mostly finished scope, pre paint. The only things missing are a permanent mirror cover and back baffle.

Finished scope! I took DS-Trill to Okie-Tex. The finder is hidden behind the focuser, and I have not attached the baffle.

Trusses in suitcase.

Mirror box and rocker box in suitcase.

Complete telescope in suitcase. Notice the extra space for clothes on the right. To stay within 20 Kg, this space is filled with 3 slabs of 2" thick foam insulation.

Telescope in case, side picture. Note that I have not needed to expand the suitcase.

Total telescope:

Weight - Actuals

14 lbs 3 oz
Mirror box and cell 4 lbs 5 oz
5 lbs 2 oz
Secondary cage
3 lbs 4 oz
Rocker box with base
4 lbs 8 oz
7 lbs
Total Telescope weight
32 lbs
Total weight
39 lbs
Optional weight of clothes for 50 lbs total weight
11 lbs
Optional weight of clothes for 44 lbs total weight
5 lbs


Height of eyepiece at zenith
Size of mirror box and base, secondary, no bearings 15"X15"
Length of trusses
23 1/2"