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compu:DEC announces VAX-11/780
histo:End of War of the Ring (LOTR)
The UN removes Taiwan and admits the People's Republic of China, 1971
holid:Labor Day in New Zealand
Taiwan Restoration Day in Taiwan
music:Jon Anderson (Yes) is born in Lancashire, England, 1944
The Rolling Stones appear on The Ed Sullivan Show, 1964
computing:DEC announces VAX-11/780
events:Adlai Stevenson presents photographic evidence of Russian missile bases in Cuba (1962)
Battle of Agincourt, where the Welsh longbow defeats the armored knight (1415)
Charge of the Light Brigade took place in the Battle of Balaklava in the Crimean War (1854)
Erie Canal opens for business in New York. (1825)
The UN removes Taiwan and admits the People's Republic of China (1971)
U.S. Marines and Rangers invaded Grenada. (1983)
lives:Helen Reddy, singer (1941)
Henry Norris Russell born (1877)
Jon Anderson (Yes) born (Lancashire, England, 1944)
Kenneth Jean, Florida Symphony Orchestra conductor (1952)
Pablo Picasso, artist, born in Malaga, Spain (1881)
lotr:End of War of the Ring (LOTR)
music:Rolling Stones appear on Ed Sullivan Show (1964)
space:Saturnian moon Iapetus discovered by Giovanni Cassini (1671)
USSR Venera 10 lands on Venus (1975)
television:Rolling Stones appear on Ed Sullivan Show (1964)
world:Labor Day (New Zealand)
Taiwan Restoration Day (Taiwan)

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