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birth:Cleopatra died, 30 BC
Mark Twain (Samuel Clemmens) born in Florida, Missouri, 1835
holid:Independence Day in Barbados, Yemen Deomcratic Republic
National Day in Benin
National Heroes Day in Philippines
St. Andrew's Day
events:Chinese communists capture Chungking (1949)
Samuel Chase, the first US supreme court justice to be impeached begins his trial. He is not convicted. (1804)
The United States and Britain sign preliminary peace treaty to end the Revolutionary War (1782)
lives:Billy Idol, singer (1955)
Bo Jackson, football and baseball player (1962)
Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, commits suicide by snake (30 BC)
Dick Clark, host of "American Bandstand", is born (1929)
Jonathan Swift, satirist, wrote "Gulliver's Travels" (1667)
Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) born in Florida, Missouri (1835)
Oliver Fisher Winchester, rifle maker. (1810)
Oscar Wilde, Irish author, dies (1900)
Shirley Chisholm, former U.S. Representative, D-N.Y. (1924)
St. Andrew is crucified (70)
Winston Churchill, statesman, born in Blenheim Palace (1874)
space:8.5 pound meteor struck Elizabeth Hodges when it came through the roof of her house in Sylacauga, Alabama. She had only minor injuries and was hospitalized. (1954)
world:Independence Day (Barbados, Yemen Democratic Republic)
National Day (Benin)
National Heroes Day (Philippines)

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