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holid:Pya Martyrs Day in Togo
Republic Day in South Africa
judai:Shavuos (Festival of Weeks; sabbatical)
music:The Who perform the loudest concert ever -- 76,000 watts of PA, 1976
events:1st electric railway opens at Berlin Trades Exposition. (1879)
1st recorded bicycle race, 2 kilometers in Paris. (1868)
26,000 buried chicken carcasses explode in Sheridan, OR sending chicken pieces 40 feet or more after gases build up from decay (1986)
Johnstown Flood (1889)
Tens of thousands of people in Peru died in an earthquake. (1970)
The last concrete is poured on the locks at the Panama Canal (1913)
the 17th amendment, senatorial elections, proclaimed (1913)
the battle of Jutland is fought (1916)
the first Lady Godiva procession held in Coventry celebrating her 12th century ride (1678)
lives:Adolph Eichmann was hanged for his role in the Holocaust. (1962)
Brooke Shields, actress-model (1965)
Clint Eastwood, actor (1930)
Don Ameche, actor (1908)
Franz Joseph Haydn, composer, dies (1809)
Gregory Harrison, actor (1950)
Joan of Arc has a hot time at the stake... (1433)
Joe Namath, former football quarterback (1943)
Johnny Paycheck, singer (1949)
Norman Vincent Peale, author-minister (1902)
Tom Berenger, actor (1950)
Walt Whitman, American poet, is born (1819)
music:The Who perform loudest concert ever--76,000 watts (1976)
space:Construction begins on Soviet cosmodrome launch facilitie (1955)
world:Pya Martyrs Day (Togo)
Republic Day (South Africa)

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