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holid:Pesach - First Day of Passover - Festival of Freedom
Victory Day in Togo
events:8 Americans killed and 5 wounded in ill-fated military attempt to rescue US hostages in Iran (1980)
Congress approved a bill establishing the Library of Congress (1800)
Irish nationalists in Dublin launch the Easter rebellion, which is put down by the British (1916)
President Kennedy issues a statement in which he claims "sole responsibility" for the Bay of Pigs failure (1961)
Spain declares war on the United States (1898)
Winston Churchill is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II (1953)
literature:First publication of U.S. newspaper printed on regular basis (1704)
lives:Andrew Halliday, Cable Car Pioneer, dies (1900)
Barbara Streisand, singer and actress, is born (1942)
Jill Ireland, actress (1936)
John Graunt, statistician, founded the science of demography (1620)
Robert Penn Warren, American Poet Laureate, is born (1905)
Shirley MacLaine, actress (1934)
Stanley Kauffmann, critic (1916)
The Duchess of Windsor dies in Paris at 89 (1986)
sfo:Fire Alarm & Police Telegraph system put into operation. (1865)
space:China becomes 5th nation to launch artificial satellite (1970)
Hubble Space Telescope, ferried aboard space shuttle Discovery lifted off at 8:33 A.M. from Kennedy Space Center (1990)
world:Victory Day (Togo)

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