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birth:Samuel Gompers born, 1850
histo:Grissom, White and Chaffe burned to death in Apollo 1, 1967
Vietnam War cease-fire signed, 1973
music:Bobby "Blue" Bland (Robert Calvin Bland) is born in Tennessee, 1930
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born in Salzburg, 1756
events:1st Tape Recorder is sold. (1948)
Dante exiled from Florence (1302)
Military draft ends (1973)
The first US bombing raid on Germany in World War II (1943)
Vietnam War cease-fire signed (1973)
lives:Bobby "Blue" Bland (Robert Calvin Bland) born (TN, 1930)
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (you know him as Lewis Carroll) (1832)
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, writer and mathematician, is born in Cheshire (1832)
Dmitri Mendeleyev, chemist, formulated the periodic table of elements, is born in Tobolsk, Russia (1834)
Giuseppe Verdi, composer of "La Traviata and Rigoletto", dies in Milan (1901)
John James Audubon, naturalist and painter, dies (1851)
Samuel Gompers, 1st president of the American Federation of Labor (1850)
Sir Thomas Octave Sopwith, aviator, airplane builder, Sopwith Pup , Sopwith Camel, Hurricane, and the Harrier VTOL, dies (1988)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born (Salzburg, 1756)
sfo:Groundbreaking for the 'Dragon Gateway' at Grant Avenue. (1965)
Midwinter Fair opens in Golden Gate Park. (1894)
Montgomery St. Station, last link in BART, 'holed thru'. (1971)
space:Grissom, Chaffee & White die in Apollo 1 fire during a simulated launch (1967)
television:1st public demonstration of television. (1926)

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