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histo:Foundation of the GDR in 1949 in German Democratic Republic
Georgia Tech. beats Cumberland Univ. 222-0, 1916
Maryland Governor Marvin Mandel sent to prison on fraud charges, 1977
Mother Teresa of Calcutta awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, 1979
Police stop Wilbur Mills car, Fanne Fox jumps into water, 1974
holid:National Heroes Day in Jamaica
music:First Bandstand (later, American Bandstand) broadcast, 1957
events:Foundation of German Democratic Republic (1949)
Granite Railway (1st chartered railway in US) begins operations (1826)
Maryland Governor Marvin Mandel sent to prison on fraud charges (1977)
Mother Teresa of Calcutta awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (1979)
Police stop the car of Senator Wilbur Mills, stripper Fanne Fox jumps into fountain (1974)
The Windscale nuclear pile north of Liverpool, England catches fire and burns for several days releasing radiation. 39 cancer deaths attributed to the leak. (1957)
gdead:First Winterland show as "The Grateful Dead", SF (1966)
lives:Al Martino, singer (1927)
Desmond Tutu, South African Archbishop (1931)
Edgar Allen Poe, mystery and horror writer, dies (1849)
John Cougar Mellencamp, singer (1951)
June Allyson, actress (1917)
Niels Bohr, physicist & Nobel laureate, expanded quantum physics. (1885)
Yo-Yo Ma, cellist (1955)
the German painter Hans Holbein is born (1543)
music:Marian Anderson became the first black singer hired by the Metropolitan Opera Company of New York (1954)
sports:Georgia Tech beat Cumberland University 222-0 in a football game. (1916)
Lynnette Woodward becomes the first female Harlem Globetrotter (1985)
television:First Bandstand (later, American Bandstand) broadcast (1957)
world:National Heroes Day (Jamaica)

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