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holid:Day of Peace and Unity in Rwanda
Independence Day in Algeria, Venezuela
events:Crusaders take Jerusalem after 5 week siege. In rage they kill 10000 men women and children (1100)
Duke of Monmouth's rebel army was defeated (1685)
Pvt. Kenneth Shadrick of Skin Fork, W.VA. became the first fatality in the Korean War (1950)
The 26th amendment giving voting rights to 18 year olds passes (1971)
Venezuela gains independence from Spain. (1811)
William Booth founds the Salvation Army, in London, England. (1865)
lives:Henry Rhodes, statesman, born (1853)
Huey Lewis, Pop musician (1951)
Julie Nixon Eisenhower (1948)
Magdalen tragically dies soon after becoming the Scottish queen of James V (1536)
P.T. Barnum, circus promoter (1810)
Rich "Goose" Gossage, Baseball pitcher (1951)
Shirley Knight, Actress (1937)
Sylvester Graham, inventor of the Graham cracker (1794)
radio:1st 'Hawaii Calls' radio program is broadcast. (1935)
sfo:Herb Caen gets his 1st column in the S.F. Chronicle. (1938)
space:Mariner 5 flies by Mars (1967?)
sports:New York Mets defeated Atlanta Braves, 16-13, in 19 inning game that lasted 6 hours and 10 min. ending just before 4 a.m. (1985)
world:Day of Peace & Unity (Rwanda)
Independence Day (Algeria, Venezuela)

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