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histo:The Lionheart crowned, 1189
holid:Independence Day in Dominican Republic
events:British are defeated by the Boers at the battle of Majuba, South Africa (1881)
Dominican Republic gains it's independence. (1844)
Hitler suspends freedom of the press and other civil liberties (1933)
The Lionheart crowned (1189)
The first Russian embassy to Britain (1557)
lives:Elizabeth Taylor, the actress, is born (1929)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the Poet, is born in Portland, Maine (1807)
Ivan Pavlov, the physiologist and psychologist, dies in Leningrad (1936)
John Steinbeck, the author, is born. (1902)
Lawrence Durrell, English author, is born (1912)
Ralph Nader, ex-Corvair fan (1934)
television:Maddie arrives and everyone goes to Laura's funeral (TP)
world:Independence Day (Dominican Republic)

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