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birth:Emily Bronte born, 1818
Henry Ford born, 1863
histo:"In God We Trust" made U.S. motto, 1956
events:"In God We Trust" made U.S. motto (1956)
Former Teamsters Pres. Jimmy Hoffa disappeared in Detroit. (1975)
George Eastman gives first demonstration of color movies (1928)
President Johnson signed into law the Medicare bill, which went into effect the next year (1965)
The city of Baltimore was founded. (1929)
the House of Burgesses in Virginia is formed. 1st elective governing body in a British colony (1619)
literature:1st English newspaper published in Hawaii. (1836)
lives:Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor (1947)
Casey (Charles Dillon) Stengel, baseball great, is born (1891)
Delta Burke, actress (1956)
Eleanor Smeal, feminist activist (1939)
Emily Bronte, author of "Wuthering Heights", is born (1818)
Henry Ford, auto manufacturer, is born (1863)
Kate Bush, singer (1958)
Paul Anka, singer (1941)
Peter Bogdanovich, director (1939)
movies:George Eastman gives first demonstration of color movies (1928)
space:Apollo 15 lands on Moon (1971)
Delta Aquarid meteor shower peaks, 10-35 falls/hr (look south)
STS-14: first flight of Discovery (1984)
STS-8: 3rd flight of Challenger, first night launch and land (1983)

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