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ushol:Labor Day (1st Monday of September)
events:Apache leader Geronomino surrenders (1896)
Ford Motor Co. began selling its ill-fated Edsel. (1957)
George Eastman patents 1st rollfilm camera & registers "Kodak". (1888)
Los Angeles founded in the Valley of Smokes (Indian Name) (1781)
Nine blacks denied entry into Central High School in Arkansas. (1957)
literature:1st daily newspaper in Hawaii published. (1866)
Barney Flaherty, a ten year old, was hired as the first known paper boy (1833)
lives:Anton Bruckner, Wagner disciple (1824)
Craig Claiborne, cooking expert (1920)
Dick York, actor (1928)
Edvard Grieg, the composer, dies (1907)
Mitzi Gaynor, actress (1931)
Paul Harvey, ABC Radio commentator (1918)
Pindar the Greek Poet is born (518 BC)
Tom Watson, golfer (1949)
sfo:North Beach & Mission Railway Company organized. (1862)
space:NASA launches its first Orbital Geophysical Observatory (OGO-1) (1964)
sports:Mark Spitz becomes first man to win 7 gold medals in the Olympics (1972)
television:NBC begins first network coast to coast programming (1951)
cartoon characters, the Flintstones, created (1960)

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