Summoned at 10:30pm on Wednesday, October 22, 2014

music:Franz Liszt born, 1811
events:Chester Carlson invents xerography (1938)
John F Kennedy announces USSR has missile bases in Cuba (1962)
Princeton is chartered (1746)
The Great Disappointment. The Millerites, a popular religous sect of the era, predict the second coming will happen on this day and are very disappointed (1844)
The Surgeon General releases his first report on AIDS (1986)
US National debt topped $1 TRILLION (nothing to celebrate). (1981)
the Israeli destroyer Eilat is sunk by Egyptian missiles (1967)
lives:Annette Funicello, actress and Mouseketeer, is born in Utica NY (1942)
Catherine Deneuve, actress (1943)
Christopher Lloyd, actor (1938)
Derek Jacobi, actor (1938)
Franz Liszt, composer and pianist, born (1811)
Jeff Goldblum, actor (1952)
Joan Fontaine, actress (1917)
Pablo Casals, cellist, dies (1973)
Sarah Bernhardt, "the Divine Sarah" French actress, is born Rosine Bernard, in Paris (1844)
Tony Roberts, actor (1939)
music:The original Metropolitan Opera House in New York held its grand opening (1883)
space:1st commercial flight from mainland to Hawaii. (1936)
Apollo 7 crew returns (1968)
Chinese make first record of solar eclipse (2136 BC)
USSR's Venera 9 sends first photos from Venus (1975)

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