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histo:269 people killed after Korean Airlines 747 shot down by USSR, 1983
Mary Anne Nichols becomes Jack the Ripper's first victim, 1888
Non-aggression pact signed by USSR and Afghanistan, 1926
holid:Independence Day in Trinidad, Tobago
National Day in Malaysia
Pashtoonian Day in Afghanistan
events:Mary Ann Nichols becomes the first victim of Jack the Ripper (1888)
Non-aggression pact signed by U.S.S.R. & Afghanistan (1926)
Solidarity Labor Union in Poland is founded. (1980)
The Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago became independent within the British Commonwealth (1962)
The Department of Housing and Urban Development was established. (1965)
The first recorded major earthquake in U.S. history rocked Charleston, S.C., killing up to 110 people (1886)
gdead:Dead at New Orleans Pop Festival (1969)
lives:Buddy Hackett, comedian (1924)
Debbie Gibson, singer (1970)
Frank Robinson, baseball great (1935)
Itzhak Perlman, violinist (1945)
sfo:Crocker-Woolworth National Bank organized. (1886)
The California Pioneers organized at Montgomery & Clay Streets. (1850)
space:269 people killed after Korean Airlines 747 shot down by USSR (1983)
sports:The 1st U.S. tennis championships were played in Newport, R.I. (1882)
world:Independence Day (Trinidad, Tobago)
National Day (Malaysia)
Pashtoonian Day (Afghanistan)

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