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birth:Jules Henri Poincare born, 1854, founder of topology
William Randolph Hearst born in San Francisco, 1863
histo:Zipper patented by Gideon Sindback, 1913
holid:Emperor's Birthday in Japan
music:"Hair" premiers on Broadway, 1968
ancient:Beginning of the festival of the goddess Flora in ancient Rome which is thought to be the origin of May Day
events:Gideon Sandback receives patent for the zipper (1913)
gdead:Fillmore East, NYC last show (1971)
lives:Adolph Sutro, SF mayor, built Cliff House, railways, tunnels... (1830)
Alfred Hitchcock, director of mystery films, dies (1980)
Duke Ellington, American jazz musician, is born (1899)
Fred Zinnermann, movie director (1907)
Jules Henri Poincare, founder of topology, is born (1854)
Rod McKuen, poet (1933)
William Randolph Hearst, newspaper publisher (SF Examiner) (San Francisco 1863)
Zubin Mehta, conductor (1936)
music:"Hair" premiers on Broadway (1968)
sfo:Headquarters for the US Army, Division of the Pacific, permanently established at the Presidio (1857)
world:Tencho Setsu, Emperor's Birthday (Japan)

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