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histo:Axe murder of Andrew and Abbey Borden, 1892
Bombing of N. Vietnam begins, 1964
Britain declares war on Germany starting World War I, 1914
holid:Freedom Day in Guyana
music:John Lennon points out that "the Beatles are more popular than Jesus", 1966
events:Anne Frank and seven others are arrested by Nazis when their hideaway is raided (1944)
Bombing of North Vietnam begins (1964)
Britain declares war on Germany starting World War I (1914)
Champagne is invented by Dom Perignon. (1693)
United States Coast Guard founded. (1790)
gdead:Newport Rock Festival, Costa Mesa, CA (1968)
lives:Hans Christian Andersen dies (1875)
Mary Decker Slaney, track star (1958)
Nicolas-Jacque Conte, invented the modern pencil. (1755)
Percy Bysshe Shelley, the poet, was born (1792)
The Queen Mother Elizabeth is born (1900)
music:John Lennon states "the Beatles are more popular than Jesus" (1966)
space:US launches first satellite into lunar orbit from manned spacecraft Apollo 15 (1971)
world:Freedom Day (Guyana)

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