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histo:Supreme Court unanimously rules in favor of busing, 1971
events:Marie and Pierre Curie isolated the radioactove element radium (1902)
Supreme Court unanimously rules in favor of busing to achieve racial desegregation (1971)
The U.S. 7th army captures the city of Nuremburg in World War II (1945)
gdead:People's Park planted, Berkeley (1969)
lives:Adolph Hitler, dictator, is born in Braunau, Austria (1889)
Chief Pontiac of the Ottawa tribe is killed (1769)
Comedienne Gilda Radner died at age 42. (1989)
Edouard Manet, the French artist, dies (1883)
George Clintion died - the first vice pres. to die while in office (1812)
Harold Lloyd, comedian, is born (1894)
Jessica Lange, actress, is born (1950)
Joan Miro, artist, is born (1893)
Lionel Hampton, musician, is born (1913)
Nina Foch, actress (1924)
Ryan O'Neal, actor (1941)
Steve Spurrier, University of Florida football coach (1945)
movies:Shirley Temple's debut movie "Stand up and Cheer", was previewed in New York (1934)
music:Vladimir Horowitz performs in Moscow for the first time since leaving 60 years earlier (1986)
sfo:Bar Association of San Francisco organized. (1872)
Buses replace Key System trains at 3AM. (1958)
space:American Harold Graham makes first rocket belt flight (1961)
Canadian ANIK A2 became first commercial satellite in orbit (1973)
Soyuz T-8 launched; mission aborted when capsule fails to dock with Salyut station (1983)
The manned lunar module of Apollo 16 landed on the moon (1972)

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