From: Henrick Duke,
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2006 6:04 PM
Subject: we will take care of the shipping


My client finally accepted the price of $650.00. I would need your assurance that the machine whose payment we would start processing is in a good condition.

Meanwhile, he made out a certified cashiers check of ($2,000) before he travelled for a conference, for a previous machine and its shipment charges etc, but it was unfortunately sold. The amount on the check he deposited for the machine is bigger than what should be paid to you now, so the check is now meant for the total expenses which includes the purchase of your machine, its pick up from its present location and the shipping charges/other necessary shipping arrangement since we are dealers here in London.

However he has instructed us to carry on with this transaction. So when payment gets to you, you're required to deduct the cost of your machine ($650) and send the balance of ($1350) to my client shipping agent to enable him offsett shipping charges/arrangements once the transaction is concluded. The information of the clearing agent that will come for the inspection and pick up will be communicated to you shortly. My client shipping agent will be coming for the pick up of the machine from its present location, on an access to a prepaid shipper for shipment and also conclude other necessary shipping arrangement. You are meant to release your machine as soon as the check is cleared. So you dont have to bother yourself about the pick up and shipping of machine. Please Confirm this and provide your,
(1) Name
(2) Contact address
(3)and contact phone number(s)
for cerified cashier check payment to be delivered to you via regular mail. I hope that everything is clear to you. I think we have a deal here and I expect you to keep the machinefor me. Your timely response will surely accelerate payment.

Kind Regards

Henrick Duke
+44 7040106693