AP CS Toy Night 2016

Showing creativity in programming projects

Make the project more open ended - This will provide students with reasonable extensions and/or options for enhancing relevance and creativity.
This can done by providing a framework with options and give the students opportunity to expand/enhance especially with some directed options rather than completely open ended.

Collaborative programming site


Includes archive of chat and multiple languages.

Ria: Support diversity in Computer Science




AP CS Collective

Join a group to make and share FRQ for classroom use. http://apcs-collective.com

Stuart Reges: University of Washington – CS Resources

Exam resources
AP Resources
Practice problems

Contact stuart for login/pw combination

Archive of exams, keys, and data

Teacher resources including practice files.

Learn Java in n games


Game development as an approach to teach computer science and programming. Project based learning with a library

Jim Huggins: Small Children’s toys as data structure instruction.

Oriental Trading Company as a resource for student supplies

Colleen: Google cardboard as a VR teaching tool

Louis Fleming: Magic Trick

Stack a deck of cards and predict values – linked to a .java file

Couprie: Logic Lab

Class Site
Logic Lab with cars

Enhancing Greenfoot to support interfaces

Barb Ericson: Visualizer and online ebook.

Check Me vs. Compare Me – Track the statistics of student answers

CSP Options from Python to JavaScript


Kotty: Processing

Processing DL
Resources for using processing including textbooks

Maria: Math with CS

Continental Math League – Using math problems to enhance computer science skills.

Ben from Oberlin: Teaching Tips

Setup an account on your laptop for presentations

Jill P: 3D printing by code

Tom Lassangee: Greenfoot in a more OOP fashion

Graham Mitchell: Tips


cloud 9 browser editor

Scrubber to show change over time
To avoid cheating you can see when the code happens.
Students must supply an “Ah hah” moment via written reflection linked to the time stamp

Talk to the rubber duck to solve complex issues

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubber_duck_debugging Picture of duck and code lizard Harvard’s CS50 http://cs50.wiki/This+is+CS50+AP

Cody's Review

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