Girls Code @ CTEC

Girls Code @ CTEC is a weeklong program designed to encourage high school age girls to learn and be involved with computer science. Currently, more than 30% of the jobs/careers in the field of computing are going unfilled. These jobs are in high demand and also provide a deep level of impact and meaning for society.


In 2015 we added more options for girls learning about computer science and programming during our workshop from June 29 - July 2. We met 8-3 daily.

2012 was our first offering with 10 girls participating in a full two day workshop learning about computer science, programming, and opportunities for women in technology.

2013 offered a full week of workshops July 8-12 involving AppInventor, Lego Robots and a day on the job with other women involved in Computer Science.


2014 offered two different sessions of Girls Code at CTEC, introductory with AppInventor and an intermediate section where we explored Java Android development.


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We were on TV :D (KSL: 2013, 2013, KUTV: 2013, 2014)


Radio - KCPW - Interview on the Bottom Line with Doug Wells on the need for more computer science in Utah.



Applications are currently being taken here. A $25 security deposit is required so we can properly reserve food and other resources for the workshop. That payment can be made at CTEC directly or via our online payment system accessible via the CTEC webpage.

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