Second year and more



I expect you to do more than you did last year and will be extending on your existing projects and accomplishing at least six total projects with 2 major projects per quarter.


There are more than 10 options to choose from for the projects. These projects are expected to take WEEKS of time.


As you are a returning student you will be expected to answer questions from new students and will need to do so in a NICE and polite fashion.



Required Projects:


Objective-C Basics

Demonstrated knowledge and skill Object based project – Convert a java program using the terminal/popup window structure


Advanced Objective-C project – see me


Java Advanced



Application that will be of assistance to a teacher, neighbor, business


Data Structures in Java


Optional Choices


iOS Basic app

App that uses orientation, location, contact access and at least one other feature.

See me



Simple project that integrates web/data/objects

Webstore project


More C#

Convert a Java GUI project from last year to C#

Link a MySQL database to a C# GUI

Create a XBOX game of your design (not a tutorial)

See me


Data Structures in C#


Data Structures in C++



Relational database for a group with a web interface



See me for ideas


Amaze Me

Something more than any of the above your choice/direction


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