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Media Release - Spanish

Internet Authorized Use


System Setup - First Semester

Install the Java JDK, then Eclipse. After installing these components, download and install the required plugins, github, and a screenshot utility.


Required Software

Java JDK: Choose the appropriate version of Java 8+ JDK for your system (64 bit)

Eclipse Latest is Oxygen (min: Mars 4.5): Choose the Java Developer version for your system 32/64/osX.

Eclipse Plugins


WindowBuilder: Choose the version for your copy of Eclipse. Put the link from the page in your add new software and say yes/next as needed.


Color Themes Plugin: My theme

UMLet (version 14.x): Choose the standalone version and extract the .jar from the .zip and place the jar where you can access it (eg: desktop, documents)

CTEC Code Style Format

Code Repository

github will be the code repository structure we will be using.
Send me your github user name once you have set it up.



Greenshot - Screen shot utility for Windows

Jing - Screen shot utility for OS-X/Windows

Second Semester:

C++ - Windows

MinGW This is the C++ compiler that is recommended if you are looking to do some C++ development. It links directly into eclipse.
MinGW Configuration
Follow the configuration instructions for but download the file above instead of the one on their page :)