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This is last years page. The new page will be based on each of the four courses: CIS 1400, Mobile Development, CIS 1410, and Database Development.

We will be using Canvas as one of the tools for the course as well as this page to track information as well as assignments.

2014 Courses - First Semester

CIS 1400 Canvas - Course Description

Mobile Development Canvas - Course Description

2014 Courses - Second Semester

CIS 1410 - Course Description

Database Development - Course Description



Resources and Assignments

First Quarter 2015

Week 1
Aug 19-23

First Stupid/Silly App with AppInventor
Exporting/Installing an app
Logic basics
AppInventor Introduction
About Me app
Blocks and data
MTA/IC3 Intro
AppInventor app
Logic puzzle
About Me App Rubric Textbooks

Week 2
Aug 26-30

Algorithms Intro
Object Oriented Programming Intro
History of Computing

Computing History group app

T:Share About Me's, Computing History research and code
W:ID Cards, Coordinators, Merging
T:AppInventor Vocab Xword, reading assignment, Drawing Design
F:Drawing Design and Coding

Week 3
Sep 2-6

More AppInventor structures
Logic and computing
code from design
T:Drawing app
W:Student choice app
T:Student choice app
F:Present Apps, assessment, survey
S: First Robotics Opening Event - Weber State 1-3 pm
SQL Saturday - Adobe Building

Week 4
Sep 9-13

Basic Java Structures
Primitives vs. Objects
Coding Environments
Binary and hex review
Java Install
Eclipse Install
Logic Puzzle Starter
Java Language Basics

M: Academy - IC3/MTA Assessment
T:Master Mainframe signup
W:Reading test

Week 5
Sept 16-20

Objects and Design p1
Control Structures
Java Quiz 1
Java Tutorial
Code Style Guide
M: Academy - IC3/MTA Stuff
T:github, java quiz, constructors
W:Algorithms and Homework - fun pictures required
T:Fun activity
F:Code structures, eclipse mini quiz

Week 6
Sept 23-27

Objects in Java
Eclipse Orientation quiz
Class Design
Binary quiz
Vocab Wordsearch
Java Console apps
Java Module 0
FaQ part 1
Java Quiz 2 M: Academy - IC3/MTA Assessment
T:Expand First project
F:Finalize first project

Week 7
Sept 30 - Oct 4

Binary Math assignment
Parent Teacher Conferences
M: Academy - IC3/MTA Assessment
T: PTC 1
W: PTC 2 - Java Loops Notes
T: CTEC Career Day
F: No School - PTC - H runs the marathon tomorrow

Week 8
Oct 7-11

Java Review
Chatbot - magpie binary/hex
Last year we did this Friends Final
Monday: No School - Data Day for CSD
Tues: IBM Master the Mainframe starts in class

Week 9
Oct 14-18

Binary review
Big Java Project
M: Academy - IC3/MTA Assessment
T: Loops, UML Design, Umlet
W: Review day - testing at Canyons School District
T: Fall Recess
F: Fall Recess
Homework: Due Monday 10/22/12 Logic Notes

Week 10
Oct 21-24

MVC review
Java loops continued
Rules into methods
FaQ part 1
M: Project Design, loops again
Java code puzzle
T: Logic details and review. Project specs,
W: Mercurial setup, Java vocab matching - skyward
T: Big Project One - Due Nov 5
F:No School - End of Q

Second Quarter 2015

Week 11
Oct 28 - Nov 1

Mercurial Setup
Big Project
M:Nested Loops, GUI
T:Review, HW - CH 4
W:Quiz on Vocab
F:Reminder ALL Schools Attend: Sample Intro to IT Test

Week 12
Nov 4 - 8

Code Review
Debugging Intro
More Loops
M:Intro to IT - Wadzeck #2

Debugging walkthrough
W:debugging again

Week 13
Nov 11 - 15

Agile Programming Week
M:Harper #1
T: Swing imagesAgile Part 1 - XP
W:Agile Part 2
T:Agile Part 3
F:Agile Release!!!

Week 14
Nov 18 - 22

Inheriting more information
Hispter coding day!

T:Hipster Coding Day Hipster Arrays
W:Arrays w. GUI
T:GUI coding
F:Array ReviewMini Post Mortem Due

Week 15
Nov 25 - 29

M:HIpster GUI finish, Array Manipulation
W:no school
T:Thanksgiving - No School 2 Post Mortem
F:no school 3

week 16
Dec 2 - 6

Inheritance basics
Interface basics
Java Review
M: Intro IT review
T: Master the Mainframe
W: HW: Intro IT review
T: Logic and Code
F:Mini Post Mortem Due

CSEd Week !!!! aka Week 17
Dec 9 - 13

Study for State Exam: intro to it
Binary/Hex Conversion
File IO
M:Code with classes!
T:Code Structure review, binary conversion, hex, File IO intro: look at dreamincode and stack overflow for ideas
W:Hex review, more IO2
F:Get unlostMini Post Mortem Due

Week 18
Dec 16 - 20

The areas of the state exam are linked below. We will be studying this when we get back with a review week starting on Monday the 7 and the exams the next week.
State Core Objectives:
Computer programming 1A
Computer Programming 1B
State exam studying CP1
M: T: W:Programming Review, Physical quiz, code reading, logic puzzle
T:File output
F:Mini Post Mortem Due

Week 19
Jan 6-10

Images and Arrays - Reading All needed files
Java Review
UTIPS Review Topics: Vocab 1, Code Structure, Multidimensional Arrays, Java Array, File IO
M:Digiforge - Certification
T:Picture Labs 1-10, turn in q from p 6, exercises 1-3 p10
W:Picture Lab pages 11-19, turn in: p16 1,2, p19 1,3;Review CP1 Standards 1-4
T:Picture Lab pages 20-28, P. 23 1 or 2
F: Review 5-10Mini Post Mortem Due

Third Quarter 2016

Week 20
Jan 6 - 10

State competency exams - CP1A, CP1B State exam studying CP1
IC3 exams
Science Fair proposals
M:Review tests again :), practice test
T:State Testing
W:Roborally - Lightbot - Science Fair
T:Science Fair proposals. 2D array review
F:Mini Post Mortem Due

Week 21
Jan 20-24

Computer Programming Second Semester Core Fairchild Challenge M:Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day - No School
T:Github update, move seats, Photo Project
W:Science Fair, Database reading
T:Photo Project
F:Database Reading 2
Mini Post Mortem Due

Week 22
Jan 27 - 31

Gridworld Intro - Homework part 1 Due Feb 20
Design work
M:Digiforge - Testing
T:Science Fair - setup
W: Database - Tools, AP Test info.
T:Science fair - final class day for work
F:Mini Post Mortem DueDatabase - Language, structure, framework.

Week 23
Feb 3 - 7

Science Fair Presentations at CTEC

Intro to android reading - Android developer Intro
Android Design - getting started (use the > links)
T:Database - Data
W:GUI - Controller
T:Database - Structure - presentations of science fair
F: Data day - no school

Week 24
Feb 10-14

M:Digiforge - Presentation
T:Database - Data

District Science Fair!!!!<

T:Database - Manipulation
F:Robots - Drawing - AP Sample Q

Week 25
Feb 17-21

Gridworld 1 Due Feb 22
Android Hints Page
T: Grid world Quiz 1
Mini Post Mortem Due

Week 26
Feb 24-28

Gridworld intro
  • Class Oral Review
  • Parent teacher conferences
M:Software Design and code
T:Database Controller integration, vocabGridworld beginning
W: Design and code T:Robot drawing
Mini Post Mortem Due
F: No School - PTC Makeup

Week 27
Mar 3-7

Android reading
Gridworld set 1 due. Friday
Gridworld Advanced Editing

ACT testing
M:Master Mainframe TShirt Picture - AP re Database: Create table via Java
T:ACT testing -
F:Mini Post Mortem Due

Week 28
Mar 10-14

String AP Q
Android begining finally
T:Advanced Gridworld notes
W:Gridworld advanced and Robots, instructions
T:DB - advanced tables
F:Mini Post Mortem Due, Android

Week 29
Mar 17 - 21

Android HowTo's
Android Development
Android Intro
Converting your AppInventor to Android

M: Questions, Grading, Android Coding with H, AppInventor breakdown
T: Database - Insert
W: Convert Time, Android FAQ
T: Database - UPDATE
F:Mini Post Mortem Due

Fourth Quarter 2016

Week 30
Mar 24-28

Database: Select, connect to IP w/ password
Android: Video/Sound Loading/Debugging
M:No class!
T:Database, MC Questions
W:Android Dev
F:Android MC 2Mini Post Mortem Due

Week 31
Mar 31- Apr 4

Database: ResultSet p 2
Android: Stacks
M:Digiforge - destroy books
T:Relations in database tables
W:database reading
T:Database work day, Java and DB slideshow, reading, testing
F:Mini Post Mortem DueAP test Q homework

Week 32
Apr 7-11

AP Pre-test - one month to go! M:
W:Android sound and video, spring break HW
F:Mini Post Mortem Duestudy assignment based on scores from pretests

Week 33 Spring Break!!!
Apr 14-18

AP Review
Spring Break HW

Week 34

Databases M: Presentations
T: Presentations
W: AP MC Questions
T: AP Free Response Q
F:Mini Post Mortem DueTest Prep

Week 35
Apr 28-may 2

AP EXAM PREP!!!!! Sample Test M:Arrays/ArrayLists
T:Sample Test
F:Mini Post Mortem Due

Week 36
May 5-9

M:Final AP Review
T:AP Exam!!! Eat well, sleep well for today we conquer the world!
W:Post AP enforced sillinessXNA intro, shooter walkthrough?

T:Continued silliness
F:Mini Post Mortem DueAP Exam deconstruction/post mortem

Week 37
May 12-16

XNA game development State final exam prep M: T:XNA Continued, State review
T:State prep
F:Mini Post Mortem DueState Test

Week 38
May 19-23

Testing Review
State Testing - Computer Programming II - Java
Optional: CP I - C#, CP II - C++

Weeks 39-40
May 30-Jun6

XNA Platformer adaptation or MTA Testing
Course review
M:Memorial Day - No School
T:MTA Guide or Platformer Guide
W:MTA Testing
T:MTA Testing
F:Mini Post Mortem DueMTA Testing - Course Review

M: Last day of class - JSD
T:Graduation - Bingham, Copper Hills, Riverton, West Jordan
W:Graduation - Brighton, Hillcrest
T:Graduation - Alta, Jordan

End of School year
May 26 - June 6 Code for Good!

We need to do something for our community with code.
I will be contacting businesses, schools, and other groups to see what projects can be done by us that will help out our community in a positive way. This will be a project that we are working on the entire month of May.

Second Year Work

Apple iOS intro

Design of iPad/iPod Apps - based on the original app from last year. Apple design standards:
What does this mean?
MVC requirements
UML Diagrams
Conversion Posters
Apple IOS development
Getting Started
Start by reading all 4 of the links: ios overview, tools, objective-c primer, create app
In two groups do the MoveMe app and then individually answer the following
What are the four layers of IOS technology?
How are the different layers accessed?
What are similarities with android programming?
What is the biggest difficulty mentioned about IOS development?
What differences do you notice between Objective C and Java?

Serialization and Message passing

Compare and contrast methods/benefits of doing message passing and data serialization in both java and C#.
Good Links:
OK MSDN: - issues with protected/public C# yuck
Present this as either a paper/powerpoint with examples.

Database Projects

Database comparison project In a file of your choice (txt, pdf, ppt, doc) identify the following:
  1. At least 3 Big Data database products
  2. Pros and cons for each database product
  3. The cost(s) associated with the database
  4. One company that uses each product
Article you should read

Super Computing Challenge


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