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Listening to Spanish music is a great way to improve your accent and learn more about Spanish culture. This is a compilation of the top music artists in Spain. Check out the links for audio clips. There's something for everybody included!

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Listen to their NEW ALBUM!Visit Fanpage New Album!Ella Baila Sola

Style: Pop-Rock

No less than nine of their songs flew up Spain's Top-40 hits. These two girls represent the best of popular Spanish music. Their first two albums were great. Their new third album is even better! They have a special harmony all their own that has enchanted fans throughout Spain.  It's no wonder when you listen to their touching lyrics and wonderful harmonies.

Visit FanpageArtist DiscographyRosana Arbelo

Luna Nueva

Style: Adult Contemporary

Rosana exploded onto the Spanish music scene in 1996 with her debut album, "Lunas Rotas." It went on to sell more copies in Spain than any other CD to date. Rosana returned in 1998 with another chart-topping collection "Luna Nueva." Her passionate voice soars and her tender, earthy lyrics resonate deep emotion.

Best of MecanoVisit FanpageArtist DiscographyMecano

ListenAna Jose Nacho is their latest CD that includes their greatest hits along with several new songs.

Style: Pop-Rock

With over 16 Million albums sold, they are by far the biggest group in Spain. Not only the most popular group in Spain, Mecano also has wide appeal throughout Europe. Their upbeat music paints all kinds of images, from the Plaza del Sol in Madrid on New Year's Eve, to a lost expedition at the South Pole. They even have a song about the story of Laika, the Russian space dog that anyone can sing along with.

Artist DiscographyGira Dos

ListenAna Torroja and Miguel Bose sing duets and their greatest hits.

Style: Pop-Rock

This CD is incredible. Imagine Mecano's lead vocal teaming up with Spanish music star Miguel Bose on the stage together. That's exactly what Gira Dos is, with wonderful live versions of Mecano's favorites mixed with Miguel's greatest. The two performers also team up to do some memorable duos. 

Presuntos ImplicadosVisit FanpageArtist DiscographyPresuntos Implicados

ListenLa Noche

Style: Adult Contemporary

Very refreshing group that sings mature songs for a mature listeners. This group includes a married couple who have written unforgettable songs about raising a child. Relaxing and romantic lyrics that use metaphors to express love and growth.

Paco de LuciaVisit FanpageArtist DiscographyPaco de Lucia


Style: Flamenco-Guitar

No spanish music page would be complete without some flamenco. Paco de Lucia is by far the best flamenco guitarist of the moment. One listen and you'll know why.

Grandes ExitosVisit FanpageArtist DiscographyLuz Casal

ListenCon Otra Mirada

Style: Pop-Rock

Spain's female rock sensation. She's so popular, Pedro Almodovar included serveral of her tunes in his 1991 hit "Tacones Lejanos." Some of her tunes will rock you while others will soothe you.

Ultimo de la FilaVisit FanpageArtist DiscographyUltimo De La Fila

La Rebelion De Los Hombres Rana is their latest and best selling album.

Style: Pop-Rock

Nobody sings or writes like these two guys from Catalunya. It's hard to call them anything less than "original," with such songs as "Vestido de Hombre Rana" and "Las Hojas que Ríen." Many have said no Spanish music collection is complete without at least one of their CDs. They are my personal favorite because their lyrics are so poetic.

Eros RamazzottiVisit FanpageArtist DiscographyEros Ramazzotti


Style: Pop-Rock

Okay, so he's Italian, but Eros's Spanish-version albums still have that same upbeat style and compelling lyrics that make him so popular in Spain. His songs are sure to get you moving. He's also done a duet with Tina Turner that was a hit in Europe and made him one of Europe's most popular singers.

Artist DiscographySergio Dalma

ListenHistorias Normales

Style: Pop-Rock

Orginally from Sabadell, Spain, Serio Dalma has been compared to such greats as Kenny Loggins and Michael Bolton. Over the years he has become one of the great figures of Spanish pop music. He has very upbeat music with most of his themes revolving around love.

Celtas CortosVisit FanpageArtist DiscographyCeltas Cortos

Rock Celta

Style: Pop-Rock

This group plays rock with a distinctive celtic twist. There's no other group quite like them anywhere in the world. Most of their songs have a fast celtic beat with a mix of traditional and modern instruments.

MocedadesVisit FanpageArtist DiscographyMocedades


Style: Adult-Contemporary

Since the seventies, this group has topped the charts all over Europe. In Spain they are known as one of the mega-groups during that time. If you were in Spain in the seventies or eighties, you'll easily recognize many of their tunes. Their international hit "Eres Tu" has been featured in several Hollywood movies. Great sing-along music.

Juaquin SabinaVisit FanpageArtist DiscographyJuaquin Sabina

ListenYo Mi Me Contigo

Style: Adult-Contemporary

Juaquin loves to write and sing about life in Spain. He particularly likes to poke fun at popular culture through examples and stories. Very relaxing voice with unforgettable tunes and lyrics.

La UnionVisit FanpageArtist DiscographyLa Unión

ListenGrandes Exitos

Style: Rock

These guys deliver great rock music with a touch of Spanish style. Their lyrics range from life in the pueblo to how love hurts. The later albums have tones down the rock a bit, but they still know how to jam.

Visit FanpageLaura PausiniArtist DiscographyLaura Pausini

ListenThe Best of...

Style: Pop-Rock

Laura has been a mega-hit in both Spain and Latin America, with her heart-opening voice and touching lyrics. Her latest CD is a magical collection of music with tunes that stay with you. As her voice flows through the music, it's difficult not to sing along to those poetic Spanish lyrics. 

Visit FanpageNekArtist DiscographyNek

ListenNek, La Vida Es

Style: Pop-Rock

This guy drives the girls crazy with his sexy voice and flirtatious lyrics. His tunes are amazingly rhythmic and full of positive energy. Nek is one of the greatest Spanish-singing pop musicians of our time, although many people have not yet heard him. If you appreciate true musical talent and musical energy, Nek will not disappoint you. 

Heroes del SilencioVisit FanpageArtist DiscographyHeroes del Silencio

ListenPara Siempre

Style: Rock

This is the premier rock group from Spain. If you like your electric guitar played "fuerte" then these artists are for you. They bring down the house with their strong Rock lyrics and deep rock style.  


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