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The titles listed below are best-selling recipe books on food from Spain.
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Tapas Tapas : The Little Dishes of Spain
All of your favorite Tapa dishes, authentic recipes in all categories. Sure to take you back to the real flavors of Spain. By Penelope Casas
Delicioso Delicioso! : The Regional Cooking of Spain
The most popular recipe book on Spanish food, indexed by each diverse region of Spain. By Penelope Casas, Luis Casas
Paella Recipe Book Paella! : Spectacular Rice Dishes from Spain
A spectacular collection of Paella recipes from up and down the Spanish coast. Everything you wanted to know about Paella. By Penelope Casas
Spanish Wine Foods and Wines of Spain
This is known as the "Spanish Bible" by cooks worldwide, because of its wonderful variety and authenticity. By Penelope Casas, Penny Cassas
The Heart of Spain To the Heart of Spain : Food and Wine Adventures Beyond the Pyrenees
by Ann Walker, Larry Walker
Taste of Spain


The Book of Spanish Cooking
by Hilaire Walden

Taste of Spain


My Kitchen in Spain: 225 Authentic Regional Recipes
by Janet Mendel

The Basque Table Cookbook The Basque Table; A Cookbook
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