Here are some photos of the current state of my Synthasystem
This is the current bottom cabinet. Top row is the first of three VCO-As. The second row has a VCO-B, Square/Sawtooth, VC Trigger, VCF, Triple EG, VCA. Bottom row has a Peak Selector, Sample & Hold, Trigger Converter, Multiple, Ring Modulator, Phase Shifter, Voltage Processor/Mixer, Dual Voltage Follower (Slew), and a Power Access point.
The top rack has the Frequency Divider and Sequencer
This screen grab was done in Algorithmic Arts modular planning software. They don't support or distribute it anymore, but I made a set of images and data base for the Steiner stuff so I could assemble the modular with a little more intelligence.

I'm using Nyle's signal flow philosophy, VCOs on the right moving towards the VCF, EG, VCA, and output on the left. At least, that's what they did in the Synthacon. They figured people mostly played with the right hand and so thought they'd put the knobs people would likely tweak by the left hand. Makes sense to me.
Below are older photos.
Pretty much done! I have a 14 HP space in the top left rack, but I'm not sure what module would be good there.

The racks were semi-custom made by David Tatelbaum at Nice Racks*. Mahogany with a Tung Oil finish. They are very high quality and they look great with my .COM keyboard. The rack cases even have a recess where the keyboard can hide a little bit.

The .COM keyboard works great with the system. I use my "Voltage-Trigger to S-Trigger" converter to convert the gate and trigger output.

I also have a Kenton Pro-2000 MKII Midi to CV converter for general midi keyboards.

*Don't do a Google Search on Nice Racks unless you are looking for adult content... :)