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This page has the FPD files and PDF files which present a suggestion for Euro (adaptable to Frac) panels for the Synthasystem modules. As much as I could, I adhered to the original panel layouts since the size Nyle used was close to a Euro size and the use of "Tiny-Jax" 1/8 inch jacks. I purposely chose to use multiples of 7HP (see below) so that the modules could fit nicely in a standard 84HP wide rack. The results is that most panels are very close to the original, but some (notably the Selective Inverter) had to be re-done in order to preserve the width choice. I can say I have ordered and assembled most of these and they work well. Please make sure you have the latest panel files. I do update them as I build the prototypes and at least one, the Trigger Converter, has gone through some major revisions since the fist one was uploaded.

I'm using FrontPanelExpress (Schaffer) to do my panels. A bit on teh pricey side, but I'm very pleased with the results. I'm not infilling the engravings since I like the bare metal look. Here is a link to the FrontPanelExpress website where you can download their software.


The original Synthasystem modules used a smaller format than Moog. They were multiples of 1.75 inches wide and 5.75 inches tall, very close to the Euro/Frac format. Nyle used 1/8 inch Switchcraft jacks. The pots were full size. The first panels were a hand rubbed aluminum.

Later, the panels were black anodized.

Here is a list taken from the Synthasystem owner's manual:

Module                      Width in inches
VCO "A"                          7
VCO "B"                          3.5
VCO "C"                          1.75
VCF                              3.5
Noise                            1.75
Balanced Modulator               1.75
Input Amp                        1.75
VC Trigger Generator             3.5
Dual Sample and Hold             1.75
Triple EG                        7
VCA/Mixer                        3.5
Tuner/Monitor                    1.75
Keyboard/Power                   3.5
Sequencer                       12.25
Peak Selector                    3.5
Voltage Processor                3.5
Dual Voltage Follower            1.75
Frequency Divider                7
Phase Shifter                    1.75
Selective Inverter               3.5


The new panels are first being designed in Euro size, but should be adaptable to Frac without too much trouble. Most of my other modular is Frac, so I'm very sympathetic. I'm also realistic and know there are more people using and moving towards the Euro standard than Frac.

I choose to use multiples of 7HP for these panels. It is close enough to the original to allow me to very closely follow the original layouts, but a good size to mix and match modules and fill a standard 84HP rack.

1HP is 1/5 inch, or 5.08mm.

Module                      Width in HP
VCO "A"                          28
VCO "B"                          14
VCO "C"                         N/A
VCF                              14
Noise                             7
Balanced Modulator                7
Input Amp                         7
VC Trigger Generator             14
Dual Sample and Hold              7
Triple EG                        28
VCA/Mixer                        14
Tuner/Monitor                     7
Keyboard/Power                  N/A
Sequencer                        56
Peak Selector                     7
Voltage Processor                 7
Dual Voltage Follower             7
Frequency Divider                28
Phase Shifter                     7
Selective Inverter               14


I choose a couple of Alco phenolic knobs for the panels. They are a good match to what was on the original, but smaller so better suited to the slightly smaller panels and slightly tighter fit.

19mm with a skirt - PKES60B1/4
16mm no skirt (for minor adjusting knobs, like Fine Frequency) - PKE60B1/4


Use a good miniature toggle, push button switch.

SPDT - Mountain 108-1MS1T1B1M1QE-EVX
DPDT - Mountain 108-0010-EVX

SPDT Push Button - NKK 633-MB201101-RO (You also need to buy a plastic button).

Rotary - Electroswitch C5P0112N-A which is adjustable up to 12 throws. Mouser number is: 690-C5P0112N-A


I'm using the Switchcraft 42A Tini-Jax with a normally closed switch. They work with 1/8 inch cables and 3.5 mm cables. You can use what ever 3.5 mm jack fits.


For the most part, I'm using the Alpha 16 mm pots. It's the 313 series. For a Mouser order, a 25k pot is 313-1000-25k. Pretty easy.

The Sequencer uses a Panasonic pot. I've only seen them at Digi-Key. They had a pretty good stock last I checked.

Digi-Key P/N - P3G7503-ND
Panasonic P/N - EVU-F2MFL3B54

The caveat here is the original design and schematic call out 25k Pots. The Panasonic pots don't come in 25k. The closest is 50k. Nyle and I tested 50k and they work fine.

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Frequency Divider FPD
Frequency Divider PDF

Input Amplifier FPD
Input Amplifier PDF

Noise Generator Switch FPD
Noise Generator Switch PDF

Noise Generator Pot FPD
Noise Generator Pot PDF

Peak Selector FPD
Peak Selector PDF

Phase Shifter FPD
Phase Shifter PDF

Rear Power Panel FPD
Rear Power Panel PDF (60% of full size)

Ring Modulator FPD
Ring Modulator PDF

Sample & Hold FPD
Sample & Hold PDF

Selective Inverter FPD
Selective Inverter PDF

Sequencer FPD
Sequencer PDF

Trigger Converter FPD
Trigger Converter PDF

Triple EG FPD
Triple EG PDF

Tuner - Monitor FPD
Tuner - Monitor PDF

VC Trigger Generator FPD
VC Trigger Generator PDF





VCO-B Triangle-Sine FPD
VCO-B Triangle-Sine PDF

Voltage Follower FPD
Voltage Follower PDF

Voltage Processor-Mixer FPD
Voltage Processor-Mixer PDF