This page will have some notes and photos of building an Analogue Solutions Red Square. Tom Carpenter is selling some extra PCB sets and panels and you get a BOM and PCB component location but no parts, schematic, or official techinical support.

Tom said it was OK to share some info, so I'm going to post some info regardign sourcing some parts and some photos of the innerds of a Red Square to help others who are building it get it put together.
Red Square
Tom Carpenter has offered some Red Square PCBs and panels for sale on his site. Here is a link to the Analogue Solutions page. You need to scroll down and select older entries then click on the Red Square PCB link.

When you buy the PCBs, you get two large PCBs which are scored and can be split into 5 separate PCBs.

I suggest making the scores deeper on both sides of the PCBs with a utility knife. Carefully break them apart.

Tom also supplies a parts list and a PCB component map although there are some differences in the documents and the PCB, more later.

Sourcing parts is not too bad. There are some weird semiconductors but I found that between Futurlec and Cricklewood, I found them all.

At Futurlec, I found:


The 2SK30As and sSC828s are cheaper at Futurlec.

At Cricklewood, I found:


For pots, they are Alpha pots and can be had at Mouser and/or Small Bear Electronics. The majority of pots are just a standard 16mm Alpha pot. Mouser didn't have the linear taper PCB mount, so I got these all at Small Bear.

Mouser, audio taper:
Alpha miniature 16mm PCB mount pot

Small Bear:
Alpha Single-Gang 16mm PC Mount Vertical

The ones with the switch are also an Alpha pot, and Small Bear didn't have the 10k, so I bought them at Mouser.

Alpha p/n: RV16BF-20-15R1-B14
Mouser p/n: 313-1600F-10K

Small Bear:
Alpha Single-Gang 16mm w/DPDT Push-Pull Switch

Here is a link to photos I took of a pre-built Red Square. Beware! It's about 200 MBytes big!