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Re: MtMan-List: Flask heads on Powder Horns

> Dennis, I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me. You are 
> correct and I do want only items that can be documented as being 
> found in the western fur trade between 1820 and 1840. The Museum of 
> Fur Trade Quarterly is one of the publication I plan on subscribing 
> to. I am just getting back into muzzleloading/buckskinning after 
> about 15 years and this time I want to do it right with everything as 
> accurate as possible. I plan on doing a lot of research before 
> crafting anything.
>  Don
>  Halstead, KS

   As one who does horns for a semi living I can tell you what you need 
to be approperate for you time frame. 
1 a scraped horn or a "market horn" but a market horn would be a bit 
small for a mountain man. for anyone else heading west it would be 
fine.  Market horns can be bought today you $10 dollar horns dulled 
down are fine with a heavier strap. The scraped horn  would be a bit 
larger and hold 1 lb of powder or so, some more and would be made of 
Cow or Buff horn out west from 1810-1880's your period is covered. 
unless made fairly late it would be closed by a stopper and a horn, tin 
or wood or brass ( this is about in order of what frequency I have 
found orginials with) "finger" chargers (powder messsures) I have 
seldom found period adjustable powder measures either.
Drop me a line if you need more help. I would be happy to help you

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