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Henry B. Crawford wrote:
> >If you leave Yellowstone and head south on Hwy. 20 south of Ashton,
> >Id. you will be just a few miles from the site of Major Henry's camp in the
> >winter of 1810-11. The large rock on which he and his men all carved their
> >names and the date is still there and protected by a small shelter.
> If you go almost straight south out of W. Yellowstone and into Idaho on the
> west side of the Tetons you willl eventually hit Driggs and Victor ID.
> Just a bit further south is Pierre's Hole, site of the 1832 Rendezvous.
> There is a marker.  I was being outfitted for a Teton bacpacking trip at
> Paul Petzoldt's warehouse in Victor at the time I saw the place.  One can
> still imagine a rondy being held there, the site is perfect for one.  It's
> been more than a few years ago, but I still remember Pierre's like
> yesterday.
> Cheers,
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Yes, my wife and I have been there.  One summer, we visited every rendezvous 
site, except the 1825
site.  We simply ran out of time.  While in the area of Driggs and Tetonia, in 
is now called Teton Basin, (formerly Pierre's Hole) we visited a museum
and inquired about the 1832 site.  We were steered onto an elderly (over 90)
Mormon gentleman who told us that, when he was a kid, the breastwork 
(fortification) from the battle of 
Pierre's Hole was still there.  I wish we could have seen it.