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MtMan-List: rendering fat into pure tallow

Dear everyone,

The way I render fat, from beef, into pure tallow is:

Cut fat into small pieces (cubes). In a cast iron pot, dutch oven, etc., cook down the fat until you
have liquid fat and the flesh that is left appears to have no more fat left on it.  Disgard the flesh.
Or, eat it, if you so desire.  Then, in the same pot, pour a quart or two of water and bring to a boil
for a few minutes.  Let this cool.  The tallow will rise to the top.  When hard enough you can scoop
out the tallow.  On the bottom of this mess there may be pieces of flesh.  Remove the pieces and disgard.
Do this two or three times and you'll have pure tallow.

I read somebody suggested pouring the rendered fat through some cheese cloth.  This will help filter out
some unwanted impurities.  Boilng the fat in water really seems to purify it well. 

I don't know why this wouldn't work for bear tallow also.