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Re: MtMan-List: Bayberry wax and a carrot of tobacco

Thank you Angela!!!!!


>bamafan@Traveller.COM (PHIL PETERSEN) wrote:
>>How much does a carrot weigh?  In terms of tobacco, what would equate to a
>I'm not sure I'm following you, but I'll try to answer as best I can. In the 
>late 1790's, the HBC's William Tomison at Edmonton House noted that his men 
>were packing their leaf tobacco into 3- and 4-lb carrots. I have heard that 
>carrots were usually 5 lbs, but haven't seen any documentation on it.  In 
>1806, the North West Company was routinely shipping tobacco in carrot form, 
>and, as I mentioned, supplying it to voyageurs as part of their contracts.
>A carrot is a way of packing leaf tobacco; for a picture of one, see:
>Your humble & obedient servant,
>Angela Gottfred