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Re: MtMan-List: Bed plans....

I have a bed design that I have been using for 8 years now and many friends
still think it is a rope bed. Basic design is as follows:
1. 3  2x8 boards 1 cut into 2 4' lengths, other 2 cut to desired length (Later)
2. 2  8' 4x4
3. 1  4x8 x 5/8 plywood
4. same amount of 1 by stock.
5. 4 butt type door hinges 4" size and get good ones.
6. 3/8 rope for lacing.
7. 2 1x2 clear slats for supports

1. cut  4x4 to desired height allowing 8" for side rails (mine are 27" high)
2. cut 1 2x8 into 4'3/4" lengths
3. Mark mortis lines 16" from bottom (or desired height) on both the inside and
outside sides of the posts. When marked remove this material with a saw so as to
have a tight fit for the 2 4' 3/4" pieces. This will become the head and foot of
the bead.
4. Fasten 2x8 to posts with either pins or wood screws that are plugged and
5. decide in length of bed and add the thickness of 2 4x4 (you know they are not
really that thick)

at this point with the board stock inlet into the posts you should have an
opening approx 4' x 6'+ depending upon the length you chose. The secret is that
the mortices hold the sides up and now just install the hinges into each corner
to hold the sides together. 1 hinge per corner. remove pins, polish and oil pins
this is what holds the whole thing together. Now for the fun stuff
Fasten rails made of 1 x 1 1/2 stock to bottom inside frame, this is the support
for the platform. before installing each side make a notch for the 2 1" x 2 "
supports at 2' intervals.
Cut plywood to size foe length, snipe corners and set in place, you are almost
Lastly drill holes down the side rails and across both end boards, approx every
6" for the rope. try for a spacing that will leave both ends inside the frame
rails. Holes should go thru the support cleats. Finish off with either knots,
nails or electrical staples.
Additionally headboards or foot boards can be added along with some iron work
for gun holders across the head, mine looks good with a full Els robe and
Hawkens across it.

I know that the auth. Nazis will scream at this design but I have to go to work
after a good rendezvous and this saves my back. It also eliminates the sagging
problems with rope. I have had Skinners who knew me for years swear that it was
a rope bed and were shocked when they found out. they now have them also. Also I
have acutally had to raise the bed roll to prove it to some of them. Total cost
should be about $50.00 and will last a long time.

If any questions please feel free to contact me. Sincerly, Don "Medicine Bear"
Ricetti Segundo '98 EPR

Addison O. Miller wrote:

> Does anyone by chance had plans to make a "take down, rope spring" bed?  I
> have seen many, and made notes, but I think I need plands to go by.  My wife
> is tired of 2 cots together with an air mattress... So... She said make it
> be bed, and I said "Yes, dear..."  BTW... I have the address and phone
> number of a company that makes "bed hardware" and their best customer is a
> dealer that makes reproductions of beds from the 1700s and 1800s...  Style
> is authentic...
> SeanBear