Burke's Law Episode Guide

(Jan. 1994-July 1995)

(Pilot) Who Killed the Starlet? (aka Lullaby and Goodnight) 1/7/94 Gene Barry recreates the 60s series role of homicide detective Amos Burke who is now Chief of Homicide Detectives and is assisted by his detective son, Peter. Their first case: an actress is electrocuted in a bubble bath scene during a shoot.
Who Killed the Fashion King?  1/14/94 A couturier displaying his Cupid Collection is iced by an arrow from an ice sculpture cupid's bow.
Who Killed Nick Hazard? 1/21/94 A detested gumshoe is murdered at a PI convention - and nobody sees a thing.
Who Killed the Beauty Queen? 1/28/94 A baton twirler favored to win a beauty contest gets crowned instead with her own baton.
Who Killed the Host at the Roast? 2/4/94 When a comedian is murdered, Chief Burke and his son get the last laugh on a clever killer.  Gene Barry and son, Michael, wrote the script.
Who Killed Alexander the Great? 3/4/94 It's quite a trick when a magician gets shot to death while lying in an airtight coffin at the bottom of a pool.
Who Killed the Soap Star? 3/11/94 A soap star makes a permanent exit upon her arrival at a TV awards show.
Who Killed Romeo? 4/1/94 Toxin in the hairspray gives a hairstylist to the stars the ultimate bad hair day.
Who Killed the Legal Eagle? 4/8/94 An ambulance-chasing lawyer is run down by an ambulance.
Who Killed Good Time Charlie? 4/15/94 Someone else has the last laugh when a practical joker is found frozen to death on the hottest day of the year.
Who Killed the Romance? 4/29/94 Someone takes sweet revenge on a tacky romance novelist by putting a bomb in her bonbons.
Who Killed Skippy's Master? 5/6/94 A terrier star of dog food commercials witnesses his master's murder, but can he help collar the killer?
Who Killed the Anchorman? 5/13/94 A self-centered anchorman gets stabbed in the back just before the 6 o'clock news.

Who Killed the World's Greatest Chef? 3/21/95 Amos sniffs out a celebrity chef's circle of friends - who are ingredients in a recipe for murder.
Who Killed the Motorcar Maverick? 4/15/95 The president of an electric-car company comes to a dead end while demonstrating his sleek prototype to the
Who Killed the Gadget Man? 4/22/95 When a ruthless tv-infomercial producer with a host of enemies is murdered, suspicions fall on five of his disgruntled staffers.
Who Killed the Highest Bidder? 4/28/95 The Buyer of a reputedly cursed onyx jaguar is found with his throat slashed.
Who Killed Mr. Game Show? 5/5/95 Amos quizzes the contestants, stars, and staff of a game show called "Hangman" to find clues in the gallows-style murder of the show's ruthless producer.
Who Killed the Lifeguard? 5/25/95 The case of a playboy lifeguard murdered in his backyard pool is teeming with suspects.
Who Killed the Centerfold? 6/1/95 Amos uncovers a killer who strangled a popular swimsuit model during a centerfold-of-the-year competition for a men's magazine.
Who Killed the Movie Mogul? 6/8/95 Amos and Peter scare up a cast of suspects in the ghoulish murder of a horror-movie mogul.
Who Killed the Toymaker? 6/15/95 A toy company president meets his maker after a stuffed animal explodes in his hands.
Who Killed Cock-a-Doodle Dooley? 6/22/95 Foul play is suspected in the death of a fried chicken entrepreneur who ruffled more than a few feathers and then was run down while crossing the road.
Who Killed the King of the Country Club? 7/6/95 Amos & Peter snoop amid the country club set for clues to the murder of a despised member who ended up trapped in the sauna by someone he steamed up.
Who Killed the Sweet Smell of Success? 7/13/95 The chief smells murder in the death of a perfumer whose "Heavenly" new scent had him on cloud nine.
Who Killed the Hollywood Headshrinker? 7/20/95 Someone in a shrink's group thearpy sessions wants to terminate the thearpy and the therapist.
Who Killed the Tennis Ace? 7/27/95 A tangled web of suspects surrounds the case of a tennis star who was bitten by a spider.