The Adventures of Beauregard, the Cat

An original short novel written and copyrighted 1999 by Glenda W. Moore
No text nor graphics may be duplicated in any form.

On the following pages is the story of an ordinary housecat who went on a Big Adventure.  The story is a mixture of fantasy and "cold reality."  I think you will find it to be entertaining, suspenseful, and heartwarming.  Hopefully you'll laugh and rejoice, and maybe even cry a little.  The story is suitable for all audiences - you might want to read it together as a family.  Though the story is full of graphics and music (credits), they have been kept to a small size for reasonably fast loading.  It is best viewed in the newer releases of Netscape and Internet Explorer.

It is a big production and you may not have the time to read it all at once - I suggest that you bookmark this page, and that you stop at the beginning of a new chapter.

Chapter 1 - Beauregard's boring life
Chapter 2 - Into the Woods
Chapter 3 - Beau finds an ancient castle
Chapter 4 - Beau enters a cave
Chapter 5 - Beau meets a pair of mad scientists
Chapter 6 - Beau helps a new friend
Chapter 7 - Beau in the Big City
Chapter 8 - Beau heads for home

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