In the past, I created numerous dollhouses and rooms, decorating each completely. My first major effort was a saloon (complete with barman, a card game in progress, moosehead on the wall, and "upstairs" rooms, one of which had a lady putting the finishing touches on her dancehall outfit.

I completed a two-story dollhouse for my niece and submitted it to the State Fair, where it won 1st place. I'm currently working on a three-story dollhouse for my youngest niece.

I've also done a sewing room (for a friend at the office who retired to work full-time on her sewing business), a potting shed (for a friend with a green thumb), and a cowboy bunkhouse complete with leather saddle on a stand for a cyber friend who had just moved to Utah from Texas.

Other rooms included victorian living rooms, country kitchens, and an assortment of bedrooms. I recently found a picture of one of the country kitchens - the picture below, taken while it was on display at an office craft fair, shows the cupboard (dishes inside), kitchen table and chairs, dry sink with rug in front, and a basket of laundry on the floor. A schoolhouse clock and container of candles are on the back wall.

Another project I displayed at the craft fair was a hideaway cabin. The cabin is below - you'll see the comfy chair, ottoman, and table, paintings, potbelly stove, and copper pans on the wall. Out of view under the stairs on the left is a sheperd's table covered with potted plants and assorted treasures; to the far right is the open pantry, filled with foodstuffs and necessities. Upstairs is a bedroom overlooking the main room; a hand-painted chest is at the foot of the bed; out of view is a nightstand and shelves and a stained glass panel.

Update 2000

Below is my Lassie room - the kitchen from the 1950's television series Lassie.  The representation is quite accurate to the set as far as furniture and most accessories for the first season that featured Jeff, his mother and father, Grampa, and Lassie.  Note the Roper stove,  w/shelf above, crank telephone (with Jeff's footstool below), cabinet, icebox, Granpa's hat hanging on the hook next to the door, and so on.  There is really a screen on the door, and through it you can see the barn with Granpa feeding the chickens.  Inside the oven are fresh baked rolls and a turkey; the pans on the stove contain green beans and carrots (over on the far right, you can see one of the carrots that didn't get cut up.  Note that Jeff has spilled his milk on the table.  The floor is real linoleum tiles.

Next up is probably my favorite room - a nautical-themed one with a woman at the computer, and lots of cats (there are 10 - can you find them all?).  I made many of the accessories from scratch: the cat condo, bookcase (it contains several Dean Koontz novels), computer desk, stereo cabinet, coffee table, scratching post, earthenware pot w/plant, slippers, cat toys, cat bed, lamp, and vertical blinds. Though I don't drink, I couldn't resist buying that bottle on the stereo cabinet - it contains real booze.  Those are real sea shells at the top of the window.

(Someone who viewed the picture above didn't believe it is only a roombox, so here's a picture of it from further away):