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What is Biorhythm?

Biorhythm means rhythm of life.  Our lives are governed by cycles that start at our day of birth.   Those who have investigated the theory seem to agree on the length of these cycles as 28, 33 and 23 days respectively.
  • The 28-day cycle called the emotional or sensitivity cycle governs one's temperament.
  • The 33-day cycle, called the intellectual cycle, influences our intellect or thinking capacity.
  • The 23-day cycle called the physical cycle governs the condition of one's body.
The Emotional Cycle

The emotional cycle affects our nervous systems.  The plus-period lasts 14 days and is a period of creative ability and moral energy. This is a period where we are full of energy, good for contests, public performances, conducting jobs where teamwork is required.  The minus-period, also lasting 14 days, is a period where we lack ambition, tend to be moody and should be careful in our personal relations with others.

The Intellectual Cycle

The intellectual cycle affects our understanding, adaptability, logic, judgement and concentration.  The plus-period, lasting 16 1/2 days, is the best time for study, planning, examinations and decisions.  The minus-period, also lasting 16 1/2 days, is a period in which we are apt to be lacking in good judgment.  It is a time for gathering data or for jobs that require repetition.

The Physical Cycle

The physical cycle is said to affect our vitality and strength.  The plus-period lasts 11 1/2 days and these are days of physical vitality, strength and durability.  It is a period of self confidence, courage and progressive spirit. Athletes usually find this period best for competitive sports.  The minus-period also lasts 11 1/2 days and is a period of reduced energy.  One tires more easily, is more liable to infectious diseases, medicines seem to work well, according to authorities.  This is a period of rejuvenation where our body seems to be recharging, a good period for rest and relaxation.

Critical Days

Critical days are those during which a cycle crosses from plus to minus (or minus to plus).  The term critical is relative. It is a period of change where our system is in a state of flux.

Statistical Research

Statistical research for over 50 years seems to disclose that during those critical days, especially the physical and emotional ones, we are more accident prone, lacking in coordination, judgement and alertness.  During an emotionally critical day one is apt to make a slip of the tongue, irresponsible utterances, quarrel or have disputes. An intellectually critical day might cause failure of memory or mistakes.

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