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The Perfect Setup
"The Perfect Setup"
The Would Be Gentleman
"The Would-Be Gentleman"

(Production unknown)
(Production unknown)

"The Perfect Setup"
Gene Barry and Angie Dickenson
Gene Barry playing Nixon in Watergate - The Musical:
Gene Barry playing Nixon in Watergate - The Musical

Watergate: The Musical
Gene Barry and John Steele
Watergate - The Musical
Little has been written about Watergate: A Musical.  I did find this unsigned article:

"Watergate: A Musical
is a simple story.  A precocious tyke by the name of Benjamin (John Steele) becomes separated from a White House tour and stumbles somehow into that sanctum sanctorum of the Executive Branch, the Oval Office, where Richard Nixon (Gene Barry), having only hours earlier deliverd his resignation speech, is packing to exit.  Benjamin seeks answers from the source about "what went wrong" over at the Watergate.  He is trying also to uncover not the wrong-doer that so many are touting Nixon to be, but an honorable leader in which an astute and pure-minded 12-year-old can believe.  Rather than seeing the young innocent promptly returned to  his tour, Nixon submits to Benjamin's interrogation. 

Thus we are off on a high-stepping, toe-tapping song fest about the event of a decade. The audience is fed a play-by-play recap of Watergate highlights, interspersed with songs and dance sequences.  Moments of dramatic tension arise rarely: in a scene with John Dean (John Purcell) and his wife, Maureen (Nancy Farrar) and again at the Nixon dinner table.  These help to awaken the audience to the true crisis in which the characters find themselves suddenly embroiled.  Otherwise, the import of the story fades behind the glittering smiles of singers and dancers.

... Mr. Barry, a veteran of stage, screen and television, does a remarkably fine job of portraying Mr. Nixon, handling Nixon's idiosyncracies in a subtle and well-balanced manner."