Table of Contents
Introduction to the Adam God Theory as a Thinking System
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What is a thinking system?
What is the difference between a 'THINKING SYSTEM' and 'SYSTEM THINKING?'
The 1852 Sermons of Brigham Young as printed in the Journal of Discourses Volume 1 Pages 46 to 53.
Central Point of 1852 Sermon in Text
The 1852 Sermons of Brigham Young displayed in Hebrew Menorah Pattern
Sermon in Menorah Form Eye
Menorah Analysis of the two channels of thought embedded in the Adam God Theory
Is the Adam God Theory Scriptural?
Why is it difficult to find authoritative research on the Adam God Idea?
Why is the Adam God Theory not taught anywhere?
How many appoaches to self-study of Adam God Theory are there?
Why study both LDS general versions of the Adam and God ideas of Brigham Young/Joseph F. smith in the Adam God Theory?
What happens to those who choose to study only one LDS versions of the Adam and God ideas of Brigham Young and Orson Pratt/Joseph F. Smith of the Adam God Theory?
What Thinking System is recommended to start?
Correction of Wikipedia as an Example
What is the Adam-God Theory?
What is the Adam God Theory?
Can God create new additional knowledge to the total knowledge bank?
What is meant by the phrase "Calculus of the Gospel?"
What is this FUTURLOGICS? How does is help crack the code to the ADAM GOD thing?
How do you account for the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden in view of the Adam God Theory?
Brigham said Adam was brought here from another planet. Then what are the fossil records of creatures or animals that resemble man?
Does the Adam God Theory limit God making God just a man?
Does the Mormon concept that 'God was once a man' make God too feeble to save mankind or have any sway in the universe?
Was Eve a clone of Adam?
If Jesus is the second Adam, and since the first Adam was married, was the second/last Adam married or was Jesus married?
How many Adams are there?
In the many Adams, who do we worship?