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The Two Most Interesting, Electronic Free-Market Magazines And In Existence Online For Over Three Years Now!

Both magazines are electronically published and distributed by Applied Foresight, Inc. These are two outstanding electronic magazines devoted to promoting the traditional American wisdom and principles of limited government and liberty amidst present and future conditions. (This outlook is now considered a political outlook midway between conservativism and moderate libertarianism.) The magazines are both distributed by SDN on Fidonet worldwide reachable through over 22,000 BBS systems.

ShareDebate International is a copyrighted freeware diskette magazine of nonfiction and fiction, original and reprints, edited by Roleigh Martin. The BBS online version of Imprimis Online is edited by Hillsdale College, Michigan -- a monthly free newsletter whose paper edition published by Hillsdale College has over a 585,000 circulation.

To contact Applied Foresight, Inc., write the editor (and President), Roleigh Martin, at 5511 Malibu Drive, Edina MN 55420 USA, or email him at Compuserve ID: 71510,1042 --- Internet:

ShareDebate International

The online magazine where Milton Friedman, SF authors, economists & others debate liberty-based ideas that have an immediate & long term perspective

(Computer modem or internet connection not required -- diskette versions exist to be printed or read on your computer.)

ShareDebate International is an international quarterly forum, started in 1990, concerned about the present & the future, carrying non-fiction & fiction, original & reprints. It is edited by Roleigh Martin & distributed by SDN which feeds Fidonet's 22,000 BBS systems worldwide. It can be downloaded free of charge. (Orders include a list of local BBS's that should carry it.)


Doug Bandow, Ben Bova, Warren Brookes, Stuart Butler, George Gilder, Nobel Laureaute Milton Friedman, David Kelley, Leonard Peikoff, Jerry Pournelle, Sheldon Richman, Murray Rothbard, Steven Schlossstein, Joseph Sobran, Joseph Stumph, Masanobu Taniguchi, William Tucker, Sam Wells, Republican Liberty Caucus, Japan Economic Institute, League for Programming Freedom, 3 Prometheus winning SF authors & many others.

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Imprimis Online

From the college that defies Federal control...

Imprimis Online is the electronic edition of Hillsdale College's Imprimis, the most pro-free market college, whose monthly paper version has a 600,000 circulation. It is free, features many famous authors & can be downloaded from nearly any BBS that carries SDN files.

Some of Imprimis Online Past Writers: Dick Armey, Elena Bonner, James Bovard, Chuck Colson, Jeffrey Coors, Richard Ebeling, Malcolm Forbes, Jr., Richard McKenzie, Michael Medved, Leonard E. Read, George Roche, J. Patrick Rooney, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Polly Williams, & more.

This Web site carries the abstracts and back issues for immediate FTP downloading for 3.5 years worth of Hillsdale College's Imprimis Online issues -- 1992/1 through 1995/6. For issues after June 1995, Imprimis Online now has it's own Web page now and with the July 1995 issue of Imprimis Online, you can get it from their own pages. Their Web address home page is:

ShareDebate International orders issues include free of charge these back issues of Imprimis Online, & a list of local BBS's that should carry it.

The back issues of ShareDebate International and Imprimis Online, even in ZIP form, are over 7 mb in total. Half of the ShareDebate International issues are available via this Web site. Unless you have a T1 or ISDN connection to the Internet, you're best off ordering back issues by mail. Mail order is required to get all back issues. Regardless, choose one or all of the choices below to learn more or to obtain, now by FTP is you want, any or all issues todate of these two magazines!

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Both publications are electronically published by Applied Foresight Inc., 5511 Malibu Drive, Edina, MN 55436.

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To contact Applied Foresight, Inc., write the editor (and President), Roleigh Martin, at 5511 Malibu Drive, Edina MN 55420 USA, or email him at Compuserve ID: 71510,1042 --- Internet:

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