GenSmarts, PAFInsight, and PAFWiz

by Gerhard Ruf (

Copyright 2004

updated 17 Nov 2004


            A number of utility programs have been developed which provide additional functionality to Personal Ancestral File (PAF). Some provide their unique functionality to other genealogy database programs. GenSmarts is unique in its ability to provide research suggestions and helps. PAFInsight provides unique ways of working with PAF databases. PAFWiz provides unique output from PAF databases.

GenSmarts - Your Research Assistant

            GenSmarts uses artificial intelligence to find missing information in your database and suggests resources both online and in libraries that will provide that information. Multiple web sites, free and fee based, call numbers of library resources can be accessed directly. New resources for the program to consider are added as the program updates itself directly when on the Internet.

A. Program Sources (Current Version is

            1) On the Internet at

                        a) download the trial version (4.3 MB)

                        b) purchase the full version (download - $24.95, on CD - $34.95)

                        c) the program is free to Family History Centers

            2) View the introductory video clip

B. Programs works directly on the following database files:

            1) Family Tree Maker (including FTM 2005)

            2) PAF 5

            3) Legacy

            4) The Master Genealogist (4 & 5)

            5) RootsMagic (1 & 2)

            6) Ancestral Quest

            7) Ancestry Family Tree

            8) and GEDCOM files

C. GenSmarts supports research primarily in the US.

            1) It has also started identifying databases for the UK, Canada and Australia

D. Major features

            1) search in online, suggested databases, fills in search forms, prints to do lists

            2) enter unique databases for which you have access

            3) get lists of major library’s and call numbers of specific resources therein

            4) clean up data

E. Other features

            1) checks for updates and updates itself automatically

            2) use program in Kiosk mode to enter a name with data and search

            3) you can edit PAF data in PAF while analyzing

PAFInsight - Enhancements for PAF 5

            Most use this program for its uniquely effective ability to search the Internet IGI for LDS Ordinance data and enter it into their PAF database. It also has enhanced ability merge both within a database and between two databases, repair and compact a database, and Editing and changin RINs.

A. Program Sources (Current Version is 2004.10.26)

            1) on the Internet at

                        a) download (1.4 MB) for $20

                        b) on CD for $30

                        c) free for Family History Centers

B. Search the Internet IGI for temple ordinances

            1) for members of the LDS church who have a registered account at

            2) finds possible matches that are very difficult to find manually

            3) ranks matches by percentage

            3) loads possible matches into your computer to speed up matching

            4) will search for next individual’s possible matches while looking at another’s matches

            5) when you select a match ordinance data and source citations are inserted

C. Merge

            1) picks up possible matches that PAF’s merge feature does not

            2) ranks matches by percentage

            3) nothing is overwritten until you have finished you choose to save your work

            4) sources are also merged

D. Compare and Synchronize

            1) highlights differences between similar individuals in one database with another

            2) works like the merge feature but lets you imports selected information on individuals

                        from a second database into the “Primary” database

            3) items are written at the end of the session.

            4) add new individuals from the second database into the “Primary” database

E. Repair and Compact

            1) repairs database structure problems that PAF doesn’t repair

            2) run the compact option to get rid of deleted RINs

                        CAUTION: this changes higher RIN numbers

F. Edit RINs and Pedigrees

            1) change the RIN number of any individual

            2) identify other pedigrees, or islands (unconnected individuals or groups)

PAFWiz - Enhancements for PAF 5

            PAFWiz provides additional reports and charts, looks up information in online databases, generates web pages with additional options, send your entire database with its multimedia to others in a single GEDCOM file.

A. Program Sources (Current Version is 6.00.11 - Apr 2004)

            1) Download (9.5 MB) from the trial version is free

            2) purchase a key to unlock the download for $17.95

            3) order a CD for $22.95

B. Charts and Reports

            1) send most PAF charts and reports to PDF or TXT files

            2) send book reports in WordPerfect format

            3) create fan charts

            4) create drop line charts - direct line of descent with siblings in each generation

            5) print source images as report attachments

            6) print odd or even pages (manual 2-sided printing)

C. View Data

            1) lookup ordinance data in the Internet IGI

            2) lookup data at major genealogical web sites

            3) view lists of names sorted by any field

            4) view complete documentation (notes and sources) on a single screen

D. Create Web Pages - additional options over PAF

            1) print the image of the person on the page with the description

            2) add siblings to the ancestry type web page

            3) show source images

            4) additional scrapbook options

E. Export your entire family history, including the scrapbook, in one GEDCOM file for sharing with others.


            Each program provides unique features that can be very helpful.