Estes QCC Explorer - # 3221

Qcc Explorer
Launches - (updated 4/4/2014)
	Length: 35"   
	Diameter: 1.64"
	Weight: 5 oz
	Engines: C11-3 (first flight), D12-5, E9-4, E9-6
	Parachute: 18"

	C, D, or E Engines
	Flies to 1225 feet!
	Added home-made ejection baffle
	Used Gorilla wood and super glue for most all construction





24mm engine mount: (only "Elmers" glue on the rocket)


BT-60 Ejection baffle construction (and my new toy!) Gorilla glue from here on out:


Baffle glued in w (40#?) Kevlar line and anti-zippering built in - hopefully :


Engine glued in. Ejection baffle replaces the red coupler.
Coupling tubes now, so I can roll the tubes across the counter top as they dry.
This should provide the straightest joint? :


"Let the cutting begin!" :


I used A-lot of super glue! :


Filling in the grains:






Taped on first, then applied gorilla glue:


4.2 oz before Krylon primer: (grams would be more accurate than tenths of oz tho?)


Primer and (lots of) wood filler:


5.2 oz (150 g) painted; Rustoleum #1996 Apple red, Krylon #1606 Pewter gray, gloss white:


Ready for the water slide-on decals:


Grains and decals:


Must have gotten a first batch QCC Explorer - 8 lefties!:

I just flip them over and used them anyways! They actually went on better, because I knew what I was doing!!

5.6 oz (159 g) finished w 3 coats of Minwax polycrylic gloss (no chute, engine):







Oct 18, 2013
D12-5 Engine - Maiden flight
5 MPH winds
Bus Park (Farmington)


April 4, 2014
E9-4 Engine! First one ever!
10 MPH winds
Bus Park (Farmington)

1140 feet high and 171 MPH top speed!



Updated April 4, 2014