Bimini Water

Bimini Water is pure drinking water super-charged with a stable, bio-available specie of oxygen. It is refreshing, rejuvenating, and invigorating. Bimini Water has a fresh, clean taste and can be consumed like regular water. It hydrates the body better than ordinary water and greatly increases oxygen content.
The Bimini Water process uses our proprietary oxygenated water units to manipulate oxygen molecules within water using special electrodes. This electrolysis process charges the water with unique ‘heavy’ oxygen molecules. The resulting Bimini Water has rejuvenating and longevity promoting properties. This specie of oxygen does not attack healthy cells. Inside the body, the natural cell respiration cycle allows the oxygen molecules to break down in the presence of disease or degenerative activity.
Bimini Water in retail channels will compete in the premium segment of the overall $11.2 billion (US) water market. Market trends show that consumers are increasingly switching to bottled water and away from carbonated soft drinks, largely because bottled water is perceived as a healthier alternative.* Bimini Water delivers these benefits and more.
Bimini Water is produced by Bimini Beverage Inc, an affiliate of Bimini Rejuvenation Center, Inc. (BRC). BRC is a spa-like environment that offers baths with a new form of oxygen therapy. Bimini Water will be offered in these locations. Please contact us for further information and locations.

*Source: Beverage Marketing Corporation 2008 Market Report Findings, published in Bottled Water Reporter April/May 2009.