DUP Publications Index

Note:  This does not index everyting produced
by the DUP, but it does cover the main published volumes.

    Our Pioneer Heritage

      Volume 1



        They Came in 1857

        The Utah War 1857-58

        Pioneer Houses and Enclosures

        Stories of Long Ago

        Their Contribution To Utah

        From the Journal and Diary of Isaiah Moses Coombs

        Brigham Young-His Wives and Family

        Women and Children of the Mormon Battalion

        In Their Footsteps

    Volume 2


        They Came in 1858

        And They Were Healed

        Utah Lakes

        Down Memory Lane

        They Came Alone

        Journal of Mary Ann Weston Maughan

        Mississippi Saints

        The First Company To Enter Salt Lake Valley

       The First Company To Enter Salt Lake Valley [Part II]

   Volume 3



        They Came in 1859

        The Lonely Trail

        Historic Letters of the Past

        Happenings in the Valley

        The Diary and Journal of Thomas Briggs

        Utah and the Pony Express

        A Treasury of Indian Stories

        The Ship Brooklyn Saints

        The Ship Brooklyn Saints-Part II

     Volume 4



        Recollections of 1860

        Letters of John H. Barker

        Zion Sings

        A Treasury of Pioneer Stories

        Excerpts From the Diary of William F. Rigby

        Pioneer City Ordinances

        The Mormons in San Bernardino

        The Mormons in San Bernardino Part II

       The Story of Telegraphy

     Volume 5



        They Came in 1861

        Utah's Three Governments

        The Pioneer Cook Book

        They Had Faith

        The Salt Lake Theatre

        Three Pioneer Women Speak

        Denominations That Base Their Beliefs On the Teachings of Joseph Smith

        Marker Number 234 To 270

       The Mormons in St. Louis

     Volume 6



        They Came in 1862

        Hilda Erickson-Pioneer

        Ft. Douglas-Civil War Veterans

        In the Valley of the Saints

        Mormon Emigration 1840-1869

        Three Prominent Pioneers

        Pioneer Women Doctors

        Pioneer Midwives

        Pioneer Midwives [Part II]

    Volume 7



      A Tribute To the Daughters of Utah Pioneers

      They Came in 1863

      The Story of Mining in Utah

      The Salmon River Mission

      Courageous Pioneers

      Two Utah Pioneers

      A Century of Living

      A Century of Living [Part lid

      First Icelandic Settlement in America

      Mormon Folklore

    Volume 8



      The Year of 1864

      The Indian and the Pioneer

      A Relic Tell Its Story

      That They May Live Again

      Thomas Bullock-Pioneer

      The Golden Spike

      People Who Came On the First Trains

      Utah Pioneer Recreation Centers

      The Negro Pioneer

    Volume 9



      The Year of 1865

      Pioneer Forts of the West

      Black Hawk Indian War

      The Heroic Pioneer

      James Ririe-Archibald Mcfarland

      Autobiographies of Pioneers

      Early Mediums of Exchange

      Pioneer Cattle

      The Sheep Industry in Early Utah

    Volume 10



      They Came in 1866

      Eleven Autobiographies

      Utah Railroads

      Stories of Yesteryear

      The Journal of Joseph Smith Black

      Banks of Early Years

      Heber C. Kimball His Wives and Family

      The Early Chinese of Western United States

      Landmarks Saved By The Daughters of Utah Pioneers

    Volume 11



      The Year of 1867

      The Great Mormon Tabernacle

      Ten Pioneer Autobiographies

      A Miscellany of Pioneer Records

      Three Important Manuscripts

      The Mormon Battalion

      The Great Salt Lake and Its Islands

      The Government of the U.S. Vs. Utah Territory 1880-1896

      Almon Whiting Babbitt

     Volume 12


       The Year of 1868

       Ten Autobiographies

       Zion's Co-Operative Mercantile Institution

       The Unpublished Story

       The Records of Duckworth Grimshaw

       First Transcontinental Railroad in Picture and Story

       Historic Letters

       Sailing Vessels and Steamboats

       Pioneer Irrigation in Upper Snake River Valley

    Volume 13


       Year of 1869

       John Wesley Powell

       The Young Women's Mutual Improvement Association

       Pioneers in Picture and Story

       William Wood-Pioneer

       The Mormons From Ireland

       The Mormons From Scotland and Wales

       Nine Autobiographies

       Mormon Ghost Towns

     Volume 14


       The Year of 1870

       The Relief Society

       Mining and Railroad Ghost Towns

       Glad Tidings

       Records of the Handcart Pioneers

       The Nauvoo Legion

       Mormon Temples

       Mills and Millers

       Pioneer Love Stories

     Volume 15


       The Year of 1871

       Eight Pioneer Biographies

       The Primary Association

       True To the Faith

       Goodridge-Goodrich Family Story

       The United Order

       Mormon Scouts

       Woolen and Cotton Mills

       Pioneer Choirs and Their Leaders

     Volume 16


       The Year of 1872

       The Sunday School

       Early Hotels

       Recollections of Pioneer Days

       George Washington Sevy Colonizer

       Apportioning the Land

       Apportioning Water

       Graves Along the Trail

       Isles of Man-Wight-Jersey

     Volume 17


       The Year of 1873

       The Old Fort

       The Origin of Pioneer Names

       Portraits of Yesterday

       Parley P. Pratt, His Twelve Wive

       In Their Own Words

       Eliza R. Snow-Pioneer, 1847

       The General Epistles

    Volume 18


        1874-An Eventful Year

        Pioneer Quilts

        The Las Vegas Fort

        That They May Be Remembered

        The Ploneeer Diary

        Early Pioneer Photographers

        Origin of Mormon Place Names

        Historic Trails

       By Their Works They Shall Be Known

     Volume 19


        Every Pioneer An Empire Builder

        Unique Story-President Brigham Young

        The Story of Byu

        Their Accomplishments Must Be Told

        Nurse of the San Juan Frontier

        Autobiographies of Six Pioneer Women

        Autobiographies of Six Pioneer Men

        Trunks, Chests, and Boxes

       Pioneer Trees and Flowers

     Volume 20


        1876-Centennial Events and Territoral  Activities

        Bands and Orchestras

        Old Cemeteries

        Unpublished Pioneer Stories

        Firm in the Faith

        Women Suffrage in Pioneer Days

        President Kate B. Carter

        Historical Markers Nos. 271 To 337 Inc.

       Historical Markers Nos. 338 To 396 Inc.

Heart Throbs of the West

     Heart Throbs of the West: Volume 1

        The State Flag of Utah

        The Provisional Government of "State of Deseret"

        Utah Under Territorial Law

        The United Order

        Handcart Pioneers of Utah

        Indian Chiefs of Pioneer Days

        Indian Women of the West

        Indian Reservations of the West

        Indian Slavery of the West

        Pioneer Missionaries Among the Indians

        Communication of Early Utah

        Roads of Early Utah

        Early Day Entertainments

        Livestock Industry of Utah

        Public Works and Social Security of the Pioneers

        Landmarks and Historic Places

        Pioneer Books and Libraries

        Historical Miracles in Pioneer Days

        The Other Mother

        Pioneer Recipes

        Early Fairs and Jubilees of the State of Utah

        Hospitals of Utah

        A Pioneer Memorial Building

       The Value of Writing and Preserving Pioneer History

    Heart Throbs of the West: Volume 2



        Utah in Pre-Pioneer Days

        Friends of the Pioneers

        Mountains, Lakes and Streams of Pioneer Interest

        Women of the Mormon Battalion and Mississippi Saints

        Utah and Her Neighbor States Receive Statehood

        Pioneer Schools and Schoolmasters

        Pioneer Choirs

        Graves Along the Trail

        Mining in the West

        Trees, Flowers and Birds of Utah

        Four Outstanding Activities of the Pioneers

        Scandinavia's Contribution To Utah

        Pioneer Celebrations

        The Development of Transportation

        Military Life in the West

        The Indian and the Pioneer

        Early Arts and Crafts of the West

        Pioneer Courtships

      Heart Throbs of the West: Volume 3

        Pioneer Mills and Millers

        Pioneer Homes and Houses

        British Contribution To Utah

        Women of Deseret

        Military Forts of the West

        Shops and Factories

        Merchandising in Deseret

        Mormon Colonization in the West

        Some May Call It Folklore

  Heart Throbs of the West: Volume 4


        Living the United Order in Orderville

        Fire Departments of Utah

        History of Drama in the West

        Bands and Orchestras of Early Days

        Ships and Boats of Pioneer Interest

        The Pioneer Mormon Missionary Including Missionary Journal of Wm. F. Carter

        The Contribution of Eastern United States To Utah

        The Contribution of Germany, Holland, Italy, Austria, France and Switzerland To Utah

        Division of Land in Pioneer Days

        The Spirit of Emigration

        Harvest Time in Pioneer Days

        Religions, Sects and Cults That Sprang From Mormonism

        Pioneer Poets and Poems

      Heart Throbs of the West: Volume 5

        Origin of Mormon Names of Cities, Mountains, Streams, Counties, Etc., in the United States

        Quaint Pioneer Customs

        Out-Door Playgrounds

        Journalism in Pioneer Days

        Heart Interest Stories of the Pioneers

        Journal of John T. Caine

        Woman Suffrage in the West

        First Hotels, Laundries and Dairies in the West

        Pioneer Letters of Historical Value

        Development of Lighting Systems in Utah

        Songs Composed and Sung by the Western Pioneers

      Heart Throbs of the West: Volume 6

        A Pioneer Journal, Forsgren Company, Containing Story of the First Danish Company To Emigrate To Utah

        Governors of Utah

        Monuments Erected by Daughters of Utah Pioneers

        The Journal of William Clayton

        Pioneer Undertakers, Sextons and Cemeteries

        Stories of the Handcart Pioneers

        Rugged Men of the West

        Indian Wars in Deseret

      Heart Throbs of the West: Volume 7

        Latter-Day Saint Conferences

        Sayings, Jingles, Mottoes and Sermonettes of the Pioneers

        Celebrating the 24th of July

        March of the Mormon Battalion

        Pioneer Medicines

        Non-Mormon Religious Denominations in Utah

        Advertising in Pioneer Days

        The History of Utah and Her Founders As Told by Manuscripts

        The Mormons in Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska

        The Mormons in California

        The Mormons in Nevada

        The Mormons in Arizona and Colorado

        The Mormons in Wyoming and Idaho

     Heart Throbs of the West: Volume 8



        Pioneer Fashions

        Pioneer Men's and Children's Clothing

        Diary of Albert Carrington

        Ghost Towns of the West

        Journal of Louisa Barnes Pratt

        They Came in'47

     Heart Throbs of the West: Volume 9

        Pioneer Memoirs

        Riders of the Pony Express

        The Story of An Old Album

        Pioneer Water Supply

        Among the Firsts in Utah

        Journal of George Cannon Lambert

        I Was A Pioneer Child

        They Came in'48

     Heart Throbs of the West: Volume 10

        The First Government

        Political Activities in the Gay Nineties

        Trails and Pioneer Freighters Who Followed Them

        Travel and Freight

        Toll Gates, Bridges and Ferries of the West

        Western Folklore

        Folk Songs and Ballads

        From Pioneer Scrap Book of Eliza Wilson Cleghom

        Horticulture in the West

        Horticultural Society in Utah

        The Move South

        The Daughters of Utah Pioneers

  Heart Throbs of the West Volume 11



        The Welsh in Utah

        Silk Industry in Utah

        Latter-Day Saint Schools

        Journal of Rachel Emma Woolley Simmons

        Men's and Women's Clubs and Associations

        Early Historical Events

        Utah's First Newspaper

        Pioneer Recipes

        They Came in'50.

      Heart Throbs of the West Volume 12

        The University of Utah and Other Schools of Early Days

        Pioneer Mail Routes, Carriers and Contractors

        Stories To Tell Your Children

        Journal and Diary of William Marsden

        Exploration in the Rocky Mountain West

        Ranching in the Early Days

        The Western Cowboy

        Pioneer Furniture

        They Came in 1851

    Treasures of Pioneer History

    Treasures of Pioneer History: Vol I



        The Utah Central and Other Railroads

        Early Business and Professional Women

        Stories To Tell at Xmas Time

        The Old Prospector

        Autobiography of John Lingren

        The Mormons in Oregon and Montana

        The Jews in Early Utah

        Pioneer Humor

        They Came in 1852

     Treasures of Pioneer History: Vol 2



        Traveling West in '47

        The Mormons in Canada

        The Story Book

        Pioneer Money, Banks and Bankers

        Eliza Marie Partridge Lyman

        Wheels of Pioneer Progress

        Dancing-A Pinoneer Recreation

        Monuments Erected by Daughters of Utah Pioneers

        Monuments Erected by Daughters of Utah Pioneers

     Treasures of Pioneer History: Vol 3



        They Came in 1853

        Our Living Pioneers

        We Remember Their Stories

        The Mormons in Mexico

        Journal and Diary of Albert King Thurber

        Your First Town Government

        Pioneer Industries

        Story of Pioneer Memorial Building and Museum

      Treasures of Pioneer History: Vol 4



        They Came in 1854

        State Emblems

        Mormon Village

        So Our Children May Know

        The Pioneer Attorney

        Journal of Minnie Peterson Brown

        Indian Tribes and Their Dealings With the Mormons

        Stories of the Mormon Battalion

      Treasures of Pioneer History: Vol 5



        They Came in 1855

        Pioneer Dentists and Druggists

        The Mormons in Hawaii

        The Untold Story

        The Handcart Pioneers

        The Diary of Reddick N. Allred

        Utah During Civil War Years

        The Price of Pioneering

        Publications of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers

     Treasures of Pioneer History: Vol 6



        They Came in 1856

        Col. Thomas L. Kane And the Mormons

        From An Old Scrapbook

        Reminiscences of Christmas

        South Africa'S Contribution To Utah

        Journal of Lucina Mecham Boren

        The Story of Utah's Canyons

        Monuments Erected by D. U. P.

    An Enduring Legacy

      An Enduring Legacy: Volume One

        The Year 1877

        The Pioneer Memorial Museum And Saramarie J. Van Dykecarriage House

        Native Pioneers

        Sketches of Yesteryear

        Joseph Holbrook

        Presidents of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

        The Indians and Utah

        Historic Cosumnes and the Slough House Pioneer Cemetery

        Pioneer Poets and Poetry

     An Enduring Legacy: Volume Two

        Economic and Territorial Progress

        Native Pioneers

        Old Samplers

        Events in Counties

        Edwin Charles Cox Journal

        Old Homes and Buildings

        Freighters and Freighting

        Emigrant Pioneer Stories

        Pioneer and Old Dolls

      An Enduring Legacy, Volume Three

        The Year 1879

        Native Pioneers

        Salt Lake's Original Nineteen LDS Wards

        Pioneer Stories

        David Pettegrew

        Locality Histories

        Emigrant Pioneers

        Museum Artifacts

        Pioneer Gunsmiths and Guns

      An Enduring Legacy: Volume Four

        The Year 1880

        Native Pioneers

        The Nauvoo Brass Band

        American Clocks

        Two Important Journals

        Notable Pioneers

        Portraits of A Danish Family:

        Pioneer Dancing

      An Enduring Legacy, Volume Five

        The Year 1881

        Pioneer Artisans and Artifacts

        Local Histories

        Native Pioneers

        Sarah Dearmon Pea Rich

        Emigrant Pioneers

        Early Elementary Schools

        Early Elementary Schools (Continued)

      An Enduring Legacy: Volume Six

        The Year 1882

        Pioneer Musicians and Composers


        Immigrant Pioneers

        The Journal of Fanny Fry Simons

        Native Pioneers

        Historic Western Trails

        Governors of the State of Utah and First Ladies

      An Enduring Legacy: Volume Seven

        The Year 1883

        Native Pioneers

        Pioneer Mills and Milling

        The Chase Mill

        Felt Journal

        Pioneer Art and Artists

        Pioneer Museums and Relic Halls

        Emigrant Pioneers

        Preserving Pioneer Relics

      An Enduring Legacy: Volume Eight

        The Year 1884

        Immigrant Pioneers

        Locality Histories

        The First Latter-Day Apostles

        Eli Wiggill

        Pioneer Vocations

        Pioneer Fashions

        The Texas Expedition

        Native Pioneers

     An Enduring Legacy: Volume Nine

        The Year 1885

        Immigrant Pioneer Women

        Sanctuary in Mexico

        Christmas Reminiscences

        Levi Jackman-Lyman Curtis

        Utah Rivers

        Locality Histories

        Pioneer Stories

        Early Stores

      An Enduring Legacy: Volume Ten

        The Year 1886

        Utah Rivers, Part 2

        British Immigrants

        Early Foreign Missions

        Jean Rio Griffiths Baker

        The Lawless Ones

        Markers Placed by Daughters of Utah Pioneers

        Early Military Forts of the West

        Early Pioneer Forts

      An Enduring Legacy: Volume Eleven

        The Year 1887

        Native Pioneers

        Wildlife of the Utah Territory

        Remembering Christmas

        Early Mormon Settlements Compiled

        Benjamin Thomas Clark Caroline Barnes Crosby

        DUP Camps in States Other Than Utah (Part One)

        DUP Camps in States Other Than Utah (Part Two)

        Children On the Trail

     An Enduring Legacy: Volume Twelve

        The Year 1888

        The Year 1888

        Immigrant Pioneers

        Daughters of Utah Pioneers Through the Years

        Christmas Reflections

        Pioneer Journals

        Locality Histories

        Pioneer Potpourn

        Graves Along the Pioneer Trail

        Missions To the Indians

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