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LDS Converts from the Isle of Man (England)

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Wiki entry
Day by Day with Willie Company
New Book - The Price We Paid

A list of links relating to LDS and Utah Records by Donald Snow.

An interesting set of articles on LDS migration by Fred Woods.  Scroll down to see them.

A new web page has been created to help those in searching their LDS ancestry who came to Utah after 1868.

A joint effort between Salt Lake County and the Utah Genealogical Society is underway to
digitize county birth and death records.  By the Summer of 2007 recorded births and deaths from 1847-1890
and deaths up to 1949 should be digitized and on the web.  These will be made available on

Check out this online book on Mormon Pioneers put out by the National Park Service. Copy and paste this link:

A Searchable version of the Deseret News 1850-1898 is now online at the Utah Digital Newspapers web page.
It also includes a search mechanism for births, marriages and deaths mentioned in the paper.
Note: not all of these events were recorded in the newspaper.

I have come across a resource that reportedly has 48,000+ references to early LDS members from 1830 to the early Utah period. The web site is called Early Latter-day Saints and all you need to do is put in a name to find someone. A great online resource for finding some information on early LDS members. The web site can be found at

There are two pages related to Winter Quarters. These are ongoing projects which are trying to document the areas and people who lived in and around the Kanesville area prior to and during the migration to Utah. These are works in progress and so check them now and again to find new items that have been posted.
Winter Quarters Project

The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers are moving into the 21st century by having their own web page and my favorite part is the History Department section wherein you can search on the web page and order a pioneer's biography written by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Mormon pioneers. The web page says there are over 100,000 biographies, however I do not know if all of these have been indexed and put online as of yet. Note: You must submit and receive your biography via the regular mail. No email or phone requests will be accepted.

Some nice articles on pioneers and their journey at the Mormon Historic Sites Foundation web page.
Click on a past issue to see a table of contents. Archived articles are in PDF format.

Mormons and their Neighbors by Marvin E. Wiggins has been put online at BYU. Search over 100,000 biographical references to Mormon Pioneers and leaders.

The Utah Digital Newspapers project is hosted at the University of Utah. It contains searchable text from twenty different newspaper titles from 13 Utah counties, ranging from 1879 to 1956.

Western State Historical Marriage Record Index
Search engine for marriages in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah 1850 - 1951.

New link:  LDS Euro Project.  The purpose of this web site is to provide some historical information including maps and histories of early branches and areas of LDS church activity in Europe in the nineteenth century.

Welsh Mormon History.  A great web site with lots of biographical information on Welsh Mormon converts.

The Nauvoo Temple Index provides Name, Date of Birth and Endowment Date of
members of the LDS faith who were endowed in the Nauvoo Temple in the

Finding Passenger Lists 1820-1940s (arrivals at US Ports)

Utah Census Search 1850-1880

The Mormon History Association

US Mormon Battalion is an organization dedicated to preserving the history of the battalion.

An excellent bibiliography about the Mormon Battalion has been prepared by Glade Nelson.

The LDS Church is now online with its own
family history web site.

Web page: Mormon Handcart Site

The Ship Brooklyn Association, which is about the 1846 voyage take by some to New York to California.

Passengers of the the ship Brooklyn.

Weston Memories - Stories about Weston, Idaho

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites for Utah

Mary Goble Pay's 1856 Journal Account of Cold and Suffering

The Mormon Trail

The Tide of Emigration to The United States from the British Isles

National Archives Genealogy Page (Info on Passenger Lists, etc.)

Bert's English Genealogy Page

Cyndi's List of Scandinavia & The Nordic Countries

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