The Journey is the Reward:
Tracing Scandinavian
Latter-day Saints
from the
Scandinavian Mission (1852-1881)

A free book has been created to aid you in your Scandinavian LDS research. Using material previously seen on various web pages and some new material I am pleased to announce that a brand new resource is available to you in researching the emigration from the Scandinavian Mission from 1852-1881.

To make the most of the resources in the book you will need access to a nearby LDS Family History Center to confirm and/or continue your research.

  • 711 pages
  • Tracing Scandinavian Latter-day Saints Step-by-Step
  • Resources for Tracing Scandinavian Latter-day Saints
  • Introductory Articles
  • Pioneer Companies 1847-1868
  • Scandinavian Ship Companies 1852-1881
  • Detailed descriptions of each year of migration 1852-1881 including
  1. Voyage Narratives
  2. First hand accounts
  3. Ship Descriptions
  4. Ship Pictures
  5. Pioneer Rosters (1852-1868)
  • Over 15,000 names of those who intended to emigrate
  • Scandinavian Biographical Index with over 1,000 entries

Book Format

The book is in Adobe PDF format and requires the Acrobat reader. This method of creating the book was done to allow you to view the book online or to print any or all pages of the book. The book has a wide margin on the left side to allow for 3 hole punch or other binding methods.

Download the Reader

You will need to download the Acrobat reader in order to read the book.
Go to the Acrobat Reader page and then click on the "Get Acrobat Reader Free" link near the bottom of the page and follow the instructions from there. Run the executable provided to install the reader.

How to Get the Book

This book is only available in electronic format.

You must have already downloaded and installed the Acrobat reader as described above before going on.

Download the table of contents, and the book, The Journey is the Reward into the Acrobat viewer. Assuming you installed Acrobat correctly it will come up when you click on one of the links for reward.pdf or toc.pdf. To save the file to your local hard disk click on "Save As" and choose a directory to put in the file. IE users may want to try right clicking on the links shown earlier and click on "Save Target As". The download of the book will take several minutes. To load the other file click on the "Back" button in your browser to come back to this page, otherwise you will remain in Acrobat reader.

If you are having trouble downloading the page or just can't get it to work for you most of the book is already available on various web pages within this site.

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