Photograph: Steve Berlin

4. Muddy Creek, WY, 8/23/97.

George Ivory, 1997 President of Utah Crossroads Chapter, addresses the field trip group at lunch on Saturday, August 23, 1997. For those that don't already know, he explains that he traditionally furnishes chips and homemade salsa for these affairs. Tastes great.

Lunch was beneath the cottonwood trees on the bank of Muddy Creek about 1/4 mile downstream from where Brigham Young and the Vanguard Company camped and at about the location of a ford.

"At three o'clock p.m. we crossed Muddy creek, a beautiful clear stream of water with a pebbly bottom and camped on the west side after travelling 3 miles during the day ... we had a pretty campground.

- Thomas Bullock journal of July 9, 1847

"...descended a long steep hill, and found our way down a hollow to a creek called Muddy Fork. ... Upon this stream we camped."

- Erastus Snow journal of July 9, 1847

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