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 The American Optical 1955 Scientific Instruments Catalog (aka 'The Red Book')

The Red Book is the dealer's catalog in the mid-1950's just as The Blue Book is the dealer's catalog for the mid to late 1940's.  Dave Jackson contributed his copy for me to scan and present here.  (Note: An earlier version of The Red Book (ca 1950) is available here).

Below: The contents page (just click on the thumbnail below for the larger image) provides a description of the contents of the sections:


Here are the zip files for those sections (note, this is an ongoing effort and sections will be continually added as fast as I can find time to scan):

Section Topic
  General Information
A Laboratory Microscopes
B Special Purpose Microscopes
C Research Microscopes
D Microscope Accessories
E Stereoscopic Microscopes
F Polarizing Microscopes
G Metallurgical Microscopes
H Illuminators
I Microtomes
J Photomicrographic Cameras
K Hematological Equipment
L Optical Measuring Instruments
N Miscellaneous Instruments
P Custom Built Instruments
Q Other AO Products
Index Index by Products

And finally, separate images for the index in case that is more convenient than working with the zipped index just above (i.e. last entry in the sections table) -- just click on each for a larger image:

Index page 1 Index page 2 Index page 3 Index page 4 Index page 5 Index page 6 


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