The Fire of the Trapezium


  Parley Mitchell Neeley -- Notes for Life Story
  Florence Laurette Mitchell Bergstrom -- Florence (As I Remember Her)
  Memories of Grandma (Rowena K. Neeley)
Pioneer stories of William Cooke Mitchell I, II & II
  Isaiah in the Book of Mormon -- 'The Map'
  'Whooping it up' a bit . . . 2009
From our Family to You . . . Christmas 2008
  Mission to Michigan
  'Voyager of the Seas' Collage -- February 2008
  From our Family to You . . . Christmas 2007
Grandma Killian's Poetry
Havasupai Collage (925KB jpeg image) -- July 2006 Scout Trip 
From our Family to You . . . Christmas 2005
Stories of Josephine M. Neeley -- the early days (and then some)
The Big T(rip) -- A combined American, Church, and Family History Trip
I must have told you this story a thousand times, but  . . . 
AO (American Optical) Spencer Microscope Manuals and Catalogs
A Last Minute Calling . . .
From our Family to you . . . 2003
Memories of Grandpa (Parley M. Neeley)
"Going Like 60" -- Stories of Parley M. Neeley (The Early Years)
From our Family to you . . . Again!
'The Lost Xmas Letter' (from 2000)
The Empire Strikes Back . . .
A few stories of Grandpa Killian (Glen Ralph Killian)
  Pa's Life-sketch
  Critical Chain . . .
  From our Family to you . . . yet another dreaded family Xmas news letter ;-(
  War, violence, and board games . . .
  For he shall give his angels charge over thee . . .
  What I tried to say, and did . . . until emotion overcame me.
  The debt owed . . .
  A dedication . . .
  What I do, and why.
  From our Family to you . . . That dreaded family Xmas news letter ;-(
  'Here there be Dragons! . . . ', a short photo essay of Utah's Burr Trail Road.
  Stories of Parley R. Neeley -- the early days.
  50th Wedding Anniversary -- a tribute to my Mother and Father.
  My Japan-West/Japan-Fukuoka mission for the LDS Church.
  My favorite: movie, book, whatever . . . (sounds kind of 'corny' doesn't it ;-)
  Teen Vampires, the Ancient Egyptian Game of Senet, Power!, Life! . . . Huh?
  Speeches and Communiqués of MRP Man.
  The 'Ancient Shareware Stories'.


Question: What could this picture of Roman soldiers wading onto the shores of ancient Britain to fight in the surf with the fierce Celts possibly have anything to do with implementing modern, complex manufacturing systems?

Answer: Read the 'Speeches and Communiqués of MRP Man' above to find out.

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