Annual Giving


Meaningful contributions come in many sizes and amounts.  The best contributions are those that come because of inspiration and confidence.  RDT wants to perpetuate its story through you, our audience, the students and teachers we serve from urban and rural communities throughout the state and nation.  Please share your RDT experience and a gift with a short message as we continue defining the legacy of RDT.

Annual Giving
An individual gift one or multiple, planned times per year as well as any doors you can open to sustain and grow the organization will strengthen RDT’s ability to play an active part in Utah’s cultural development. Nick

  • Gifts of $100 help develop curriculum, produce workshop DVDs and maintain our technical equipment. 
  • Gifts of $500 help with travel costs to rural communities and bring nationally renowned artists to work with RDT as collaborators. 
  • Gifts of $1,000 fund costume maintenance, teacher resource guides, computers and office equipment. 
  • Gifts of $3,000 help us adopt one school with performances, movement classes and teacher workshops. 
  • Gifts of $5,000 maintain our “living library” allowing us to license, acquire and commission works for RDT’s prestigious repertory collection.

Executive Summary - Artistic
RDT designs entertaining and educational dance performances, community activity and school residencies (K-12, colleges and universities) in order to provoke socially relevant dialogue, celebrate a sense of place, history, stories, concepts, music and visual arts that provide a rich legacy of content to be explored and enjoyed by future generations.  RDT has a long-term commitment to dance preservation and unique place-based arts and education programs that uses the language of dance to empower youth and mobilize individuals to make a life long commitment to fitness and health.

Planning for the Future – Administrative
Operating with an effective and efficient management team, it is with great pride that we can say RDT was a catalyst envisioning the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center which provides dancers and guest artists with space to develop as choreographers and teachers as well as performers. RDT’s volunteer Board reflects the community we serve: men and women with skills and expertise in economic development; educational systems, finance and marketing, former dancers, staff and patrons. All are dance enthusiasts connected to the community in a variety of ways and with a common goal to advance the mission of RDT for creation, performance, preservation and appreciation of modern dance. 

Your gift in any amount is vital to sustain the organization by preserving RDT’s unique history with the art form past and present. Thank you for considering this contribution request.  You may contribute by using the button below or you can send a check to: Repertory Dance Theatre / PO Box 510427 / Salt Lake City, UT 84151-0427. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or need additional information.  We look forward to retaining you as a valued contributor of Repertory Dance Theatre.




Linda C. Smith, Executive/Artistic Director

RDT Dancers: Rosy Goodman, Aaron Wood, Sarah Donohue, Katherine Winder, Tyler Orcutt, Efren Corado Garcia, Alyssa Thompson, Justin Bass, and Ursula Perry

RDT Staff: David Pace, Stephanie Perkins, Lynne Larson, Nicholas Cendese, Ricklen Nobis, Laura Smith 

RDT Board of Trustees: Jon Daich, President; Hadley Rampton, Vice-President; Joanna Johnston, Treasurer; Cynthia Yeo, Secretary; Janet Gray, Mandy Khudairi, and Lynne Wimmer, Mark Taylor, Taylor Wetzel, Metta Driscoll.


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