Inventing Mormonism: Tradition and the Historical Record

H. Michael Marquardt and Wesley P. Walters. Inventing Mormonism: Tradition and the Historical Record. San Francisco: Smith Research Associates, distributed by Signature Books, paperbound 1998. 284 pp., maps, chronology, notes, illustrations, appendices, bibliography, index. $19.95 paperback. ISBN 1-56085-108-2.

1. Joseph Smith Family Palmyra Area in 1829
2. Joseph Smith's New York State in 1829
The Joseph Smith, Sr. Family
A Chronology of Mormon Origins
Chapter 1. The Move to Palmyra and Manchester, New York
Chapter 2. The Palmyra Revival
Chapter 3. Secular and Religious Background
Chapter 4. Manchester Scryer
Chapter 5. The Treasure
Chapter 6. Smith Family Activities
Chapter 7. Restoring the Church of Christ
Chapter 8. Expressions of Faith
1. Joseph Smith's 1832 Account of His Early Life
2. Interview of Martin Harris
3. Memorandum of John H. Gilbert
1. Smith Family Recollections
2. The 1826 Examination
Selected Bibliography

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