Early Mormon Documents

Early Mormon Documents Volume 1, Compiled and Edited by Dan Vogel.
Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1996. xvi, 708 pp., notes, illustrations, bibliography, index. $34.95. ISBN 1-56085-072-8

Includes the previously unpublished: Lucy Mack Smith Preliminary Manuscript for the narrative years 1783-1831, Jesse Smith's 1829 letter to Hyrum Smith, William Smith's notes on his family's pre-church activities, Joseph Smith's interview with Peter Bauder, Sally Parker's letter to John Kempton, Emma Smith's interview with Joseph Smith III, the Don Carlos Smith family records and other significant rare documents relating to Mormon origins, published with scholarly apparata in the most comprehensive compilation yet assembled.

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Contents of Volume 1:

Part I. Joseph Smith Family Testimony
A. Joseph Smith, Jr., Collection
B. Lucy Mack Smith Collection
C. Joseph Smith, Sr., Collection
D. William Smith Collection
E. Katharine Smith Collection
F. Emma Hale Smith Collection
G. Relatives of Smiths Collection
H. Miscellaneous Smith Family Documents

Part II. Mormon Origins in Vermont and New Hampshire
A. Miscellaneous Sources
B. Miscellaneous Documents

Early Mormon Documents Volume 2, Compiled and Edited by Dan Vogel.
Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1998. 592 pp., notes, illustrations, bibliography, index. $44.95. ISBN 1-56085-093-0

Contents of Volume 2:

Part III. Mormon Origins in Palmyra and Manchester, New York

A. Philastus Hurlbut Collection
Willard Chase Statement, circa 11 December 1833
Lucy Harris Statement, 29 November 1833

B. William H. and Edmund L. Kelley Collection
Benjamin Saunders Interview, circa September 1884

C. Charles C. Thorne Collection
John H. Gilbert Affidavit, 12 July 1881

D. Arthur B. Deming Collection
Caroline Rockwell Smith Statement, 25 March 1885

E. Palmyra Newspapers
Wayne Sentinel, 1824-1836
Palmyra Reflector, 1829-1831

F. Martin Harris Collection
Martin Harris Interview with Joel Tiffany, 1859

G. Oliver Cowdery Collection
Oliver Cowdery Council Bluffs (IA) Testimony, 21 October 1848

H. John H. Gilbert Collection
John H. Gilbert Interview, 1877

Early Mormon Documents Volume 3, Compiled and Edited by Dan Vogel.
Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 2000. 547 pp., notes, illustrations, bibliography, index. $44.95. ISBN 1-56085-133-3

Contents of Volume 3:

Part III. Mormon Origins in Palmyra and Manchester, New York [Continued]

I. Miscellaneous Early Sources
Eli Bruce Diary, 5 November 1830
William W. Phelps to E. D. Howe, 15 January 1831

J. Miscellaneous Late Sources
Solomon Chamberlain Accounts, 1845 & Circa 1858
Orsamus Turner Account, 1851
Pomeroy Tucker Reminiscence, 1858

K. Miscellaneous Non-Resident Sources
Rochester (NY)Gem, 15 May 1830
Wayne County (PA) Inquirer, Circa May 1830
William E. McLellin to Samuel McLellin, 4 August 1832

L. Miscellaneous Documents
Palmyra (NY) Road Lists, 1817-1822
Palmyra (NY) Highway Survey, 13 June 1820
Smith Manchester (NY) Land Assessment Records, 1821-1823 & 1830
Samuel Jennings Estate Papers, 1822
Alvin Smith Gravestone, 19 November 1823
Lemuel Durfee Account Books, 1827-1829
Palmyra (NY) Presbyterian Church Records, March 1830
Missionaries Covenant, 17 October 1830

Volume 4:

Part IV. Mormon Origins in Colesville and Bainbridge, New York
A. Knight Family Collection
Joseph Knight, Sr., Reminiscence, Circa 1835-1847
Newel Knight Journal, Circa 1846

B. Stowell Family Collection
Josiah Stowell, Jr., to John S. Fullmer, 17 February 1843

C. Miscellaneous Early Sources
John Sherer to Absalom Peters, 18 November 1830

D. Miscellaneous Late Sources
William D. Purple Reminiscence, 28 April 1877

E. Miscellaneous Non-Resident Sources
Sally Knight Obituary, 1834

F. Miscellaneous Documents
Bainbridge (NY) Court Record, 20 March 1826
Albert Neely Bill of Costs, 1826
Philip DeZeng Bill of Costs, 1826

Part V. Mormon Origins in Harmony, Pennsylvania
A. Hale-Lewis Family Collection
Isaac Hale Statement, 1834
Joseph and Hiel Lewis Statements, 1879

B. Miscellaneous Early Sources
George Peck Account, 1843

C. Miscellaneous Late Sources
Michael Morse Interview with William W. Blair, 8 May 1879

D. Miscellaneous Non-Resident Sources
Emily Blackman Account, 1873

E. Miscellaneous Documents
Articles of Agreement, 1 November 1825
Harmony (PA) Assessment Records, 1828-1831
Joseph Smith Harmony (PA) Land Records, 1828-1833
George H. Noble and Company vs. Joseph Smith, Jr., 26 August 1830

Volume 5:

Part VI. Mormon Origins in Fayette, New York
A. David Whitmer Collection
B. John Whitmer Collection
C. Miscellaneous Whitmer Family Collection
D. Miscellaneous Early Sources
E. Miscellaneous Late Sources
F. Miscellaneous Non-Resident Sources
G. Miscellaneous Documents

Appendix A: Early Church Membership in New York
Appendix B: Chronology, 1771-1831

Joseph Smith: The Making of a Prophet, by Dan Vogel.
Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 2004. 715 pp., notes, index. $39.95. ISBN 1-56085-179-1


Section I. The Smith Family in Vermont and New Hampshire, 1796-1816
Section II. Early Life in Western New York, 1816-1827
Section III. The Book of Mormon Project, 1828-1830
Section IV. Founding the Church of Christ, 1830-1831

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