1829 Letter of Joseph Smith

Letter of Joseph Smith Jr. to Oliver Cowdery, October 22, 1829, copied in 1832 into Joseph Smith Letterbook, 1:9, LDS Church History Library

Harmony - Oct. 22d 1829

Respected Sir I would in form you that I arrived at home on sunday morning the 4th after having a prosperous Journey, and found all well the people are all friendly to us except a few who are in opposition to ev[e]ry thing unless it is some thing that is exactly like themselves and two of our most formadable [formable] persacutors [persecutors] are now under censure and are cited to a tryal [trial] in the church for crimes which if true are worse than all the Gold Book business. we do not rejoice in the affliction of our enimies but we shall be glad to have truth prevail there begins to be a great call for our books in this country the minds of the people are very much excited when they find that there is a copy right obtained and that there is really [a] book, about to be printed I have bought a horse of Mr. Stowell and want some one to come after it as soon as convenient Mr. Stowell has a prospect of getting five or six hundred dollars he does not know certain that he can get it but he is a going to try and if he can get the money he wants to pay it in immediately for books we want to hear from you and know how you prosper in the good work, give our best respects to Father & Mother [Joseph and Lucy Smith] and all our brothers and Sisters, to Mr. [Martin] Harris and all the company concerned tell them that our prayers are put up daily for them that they may be prospered in ev[e]ry, good word and work and that they may be preserved from sin here and from the consequence of sin hereafter and now dear brother be faithful in the discharge of ev[e]ry duty looking for the reward of the righteous and now may God of his infinite mercy keep and pre=serve us spotless untill his coming and receive us all to rest with him in eternal repose through the attonement of Christ our Lord Amen

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