Nauvoo Temple Endowment Name Index

Close up of tower of the Nauvoo Temple with clock and weather vane.

William Weeks' drawing of the weather vane as an angel for top of tower.

Perrigrine Sessions recorded in his journal/autobiography for February 1846 the following about the placing of the weather vane on the temple:

on this Day they raised the Feigr [Figure] wihich [which] is the reprisentation [representation] of an Angel in his Priestly robe with the book of Mormon in one hand and a trumpet in the other which is over laid with gold leaf (Perrigrine Sessions Journal, circa 4-5, Feb. 1846, LDS archives).

LDS History of the Church 7:577 under the date of 30 Jan. 1846 mentions that the "vane was put upon the tower of the Temple."

Description of the attic story of the Nauvoo Temple

Nauvoo Temple Endowment Name Index

The following genealogical information contains extracts of data from the Nauvoo Temple records of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Individual names and dates come from the washing and anointing records; endowment records kept by the temple recorder, William Clayton; washing and anointing records kept by the First Quorum of Seventy and miscellaneous lists for the period of 10 December 1845 to 8 February 1846.

The Heber C. Kimball Journal (21 November 1845 to 7 January 1846), includes the official record for ordinances in the Nauvoo Temple kept by William Clayton, temple recorder, for the period 10 December 1845 to 7 January 1846.


Name = last name, first name (A woman's name may or may not be her maiden name)
Birth Date = day, month, year
Endowment = endowment date (day, month, year); or washing and anointing date (if no record of endowment date)

Nauvoo Temple Endowment Name Index by Last Name:
Abbot to Ayers
Babbitt to Byington
Cadwell to Cutler
Dack to Dykes
Eager to Ewell
Fairbanks to Fulton
Gabbot to Guymon
Hadden to Hyde
Ingersol to Ivie
Jaap to Judd
Kahan to Knowlton
Laird to Lytle
Mace to Myres
Nallam to Nowell
Oakley to Oyaler
Pace to Pyper
Raffety to Rust
Sabey to Symons
Tabor to Tyson
Van Ausdall to Vrooman
Wade to Wyborn
Yale to Young
Zabrisky to Zundall

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