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1. Changing Revelatory Messages: A Mormon Example
2. Manchester as the Site of the Organization of the Church on April 6, 1830
3. Ezra Booth on Early Mormonism: A Look at His 1831 Letters
4. Martin Harris: The Kirtland Years, 1831-1870
5. Lyman E. Johnson: Forgotten Apostle (coauthored with William Shepard)
6. David Whitmer: His Evolving Beliefs and Recollections
7. John Whitmer and the Revelations of Joseph Smith
8. Judge Austin A. King's Preliminary Hearing: Joseph Smith and the Mormons on Trial
9. Emily Dow Partridge Smith Young on the Witness Stand: Recollections of a Plural Wife

Interviews of Joseph Smith, 1830-1844

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