by H. Michael Marquardt

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Title Page; Preface; Common Abbreviations; Libraries
1 Relocation to Palmyra and Manchester, New York
2 Palmyra Revival of 1824-25
3 Secular and Religious Background
4 Manchester Scryer
5 The Treasure
6 Smith Family Activities
7 Life in Harmony, Pennsylvania
8 Publication of the Book of Mormon
9 Literary Dependence in the Book of Mormon: Two Studies
10 Restoring the Church of Christ
11 New Jerusalem in America
12 Revelations through Joseph Smith
13 Missionary Work
14 Bible Revision
15 Priesthood Restoration
16 Papyri and Writings of Abraham
17 House of the Lord: The Kirtland Temple
18 Problems at Kirtland
19 Dissenters and Danites
20 Developments in Theology
21 Building Nauvoo
22 Priesthood Ordinances
23 Plural Wives in Nauvoo
24 Sarah Ann Whitney
25 Emily Dow Partridge
26 More on Nauvoo Plural Wives
27 Tragedy: Death of a Prophet
Conclusion - Progress of Mormonism
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