The Glen Cook Fan Page
Extensive site with most cover blurbs and
commentary from Glen's books on line. Works are
arranged by publication date, series, & publisher.
Glen Cook's entry at the Linköping SF Archive
An archive of Cook-related posts to
rec.arts.sf.written from 1989 to 1995.
SF Good Reading Guide entry for Glen Cook
Commentary by different people about numerous
SF/Fantasy series by a wide variety of authors.
The Black Company Home Page
A site of reviews and trivia (kinda short
on reviews right now.) Probably most notable
for what perport to be the rules to Tonk.
The Black Company Outpost
Gun-Ho tribute site with AD&D information.
Also has a link for the rules of Tonk as
well as a windows PC Tonk game link (this
may not be the same game as those rules.)
Barrowland - a Black Company page
A short description of the company
and a list of the taken. Little else.
Chris W's The Dragon Never Sleeps Page
Extensive review of The Dragon Never Sleeps.
Hinternet-Rezension Glen Cooks Karenta-Romane
Reviews of Heisses Eisen (Red Iron Nights) and
Spitze Buben (Deadly Quicksilver Lies) in German.
Ultima Online Guild - The Black Company
An adaptation of the Black Company to
the Ultima Online game - in Polish.