Year: 1993

Director: Adam Simon

Written by: Adam Simon

Threat: Lizard

Weapon of Choice: Claws

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Carnosaur 3: Primal Species

Rish Outfield's reviews
Terrible, terrible, and, let's see...terrible. Look, Roger Corman can't be blamed for making exploitative and derivative trash (he's been doing it for forty years and is still going strong), but they need never be this boring. This must have made money (there was a thunder lizard craze that year), because they made about a dozen sequels, but I don't think I'll ever rent them, this was so couldn't-stand-ably bad. Mediocre at its highest point, no one in the cast was ever memorable, and I never cared about any of the characters (or the monster, for that matter). I liked Jennifer Runyon in 18 Again, Ghostbusters, and the first season of "Charles In Charge" (hey, I know my stuff), but she was just sad here. Everybody was awful. Occasionally the dinosaur looked really good, but the 'same' dino was pathetically fake in the next shot, even looking like a different species. I don't know how good the sequels are (and I may never find out), since their predecessor was so horribly bad. Bizarrely, the cover boasts a "Thumbs Up!" rating by Gene Siskel. He must have seen it at a Drive-In with someone considerably hotter than Roger Ebert. This was endlessly talky, disjointed, pointless and frustrating. Listen, a monster movie, whatever else it is, should be fun. And this just wasn't.
Best Scare: I've seen more scares and tension in an episode of "Pee Wee's Playhouse."
I'd Recommend It To: Nobody. Why would I?

The tyranist's thoughts
Simply one of the most terrible movies I have ever seen. I have to admit that it was pretty late when we watched it and I did have a hard time staying awake through it, but when I told Rish it had seemed really disconnected and poorly edited he agreed. He stayed awake the entire time. The effects were bad, but what do you expect from a Roger Corman movie. The plot was abominable. They didn't dwell on a single character long enough for us to learn a name let alone begin to sympathize and identify with them. There were new characters introduced at random only to be killed or forgotten within moments. The plot was confusing in the way it jumped from place to place and person to person without any kind of intelligence. The ending just blew. I guess you could say I really hated this movie and that is unusual for me. I am willing to forgive quite a bit. There are many movies I dislike but I can almost always come up with at least one thing that is redeeming about the movie. There isn't a single thing redeeming about this movie. In fact, this is one of the only times that I think it will take years for me to be willing to see the sequels, and even then you should probably club me first to short circuit my memory.

Total Skulls: 26

Sequel setup
Rips off earlier film
Horror film showing on TV/in theater in movie skull
Future celebrity appears
Former celebrity appears
Bad title skull
Bad premise skull
Bad acting
Bad dialogue skull
Bad execution skullskull
MTV Editing
Girl unnecessarily gets naked
Wanton sex skull
Death associated with sex skull
Unfulfilled promise of nudity
Characters forget about threat
Secluded location skull
Power is cut
Phone lines are cut
Someone investigates a strange noise skull
Someone runs up stairs instead of going out front door
Camera is the killer skullskull
Victims cower in front of a window/door
Victim locks self in with killer
Victim running from killer inexplicably falls
Toilet stall scene
Shower scene
Car stalls or won't start
Cat jumps out
Fake scare
Laughable scare skull
Stupid discovery of corpse
Dream sequence
No one believes only witness
Crazy, drunk, old man knows the truth
Music detracts from scene
Death in first five minutes
What the hell? skullskull
x years ago . . .
Dark and stormy night
Killer doesn't stay dead skull
Killer wears a mask
Killer is in closet
Killer is in car with victim skull
Villain is more sympathetic than heroes
Unscary villain/monster
Beheading skull
Blood fountain
Blood hits camera
Poor death effect skullskull
Excessive gore skullskull
No one dies at all
Virgin survives
Geek/Nerd survives
Little kid lamely survives
Dog/Pet miraculously survives
Unresolved subplots skullskull
"It was all a dream" ending
Unbelievably happy ending
Unbelievably crappy ending skullskull