Pet Sematary

Year: 1989

Director: Mary Lambert

Written by: Stephen King

Threat: Undead

Weapon of Choice: Scalpel

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       Pet Sematary

Rish Outfield's reviews
The scariest of the Stephen King adaptations...from King's scariest book. This film scared the crap out of me when I first saw it in 1989, inspiring my favourite uncle to utter the words, "That movie is not right."
From Victor Pascow's exposed brains to the Ramone's title track, from "First I played with Jud, then I played with Mommy, now I wanna play with yooooou," to "Sometimes dead is better," this movie remains powerful, entertaining, and disturbing with repeated viewings. Well-written, well-acted, good special effects, music, and direction, this one really worked without tarnishing the impact of the book in the process. I did cringe repeatedly, however, at the performance of "Ellie" ("Let Him get His own cat, don't take mine!"), but it didn't bother tyranist in the slightest (let's hear him after he's seen it as many times as I have). Dale Midkiff is great as the haunted father, as is Fred Gwynne as Jud Crandal ("the soil of a man's heart, Lewis, is stonier"), but Miko Hughes practically rules over the film with his scream-worthy performance of Gage Creed. Truly terrifying. The greatest of the King horror films, it's best on the big screen--but hey, what isn't?
Best Scare: Rachel Creed's monstrous sister ("Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaachel...")
I'd Recommend It To: The strong in heart among Stephen King fans.
Note: Recently I ran into Dale Midkiff and I told him I really enjoyed his work in Pet Sematary. And he seemed to legitimately appreciate hearing it. I just wanted to mention that.

The tyranist's thoughts
I love this movie. It is a very creepy, legitimately scary story that I understand only too well. Given the choice that Lewis is given, I don't know if I could act any differently. This definitely ranks as one of the very top Stephen King adaptations and possibly the scariest after Kubrick's The Shining.

Owes everything to/rips off earlier film
Sequel setup
Bad title
Bad premise
Bad acting
Bad dialogue
MTV Editing
Girl unnecessarily gets naked
Wanton sex
Death associated with sex
Characters forget about threat
Secluded location skull
Power is cut
Phone lines are cut
Someone investigates a strange noise skull
Someone runs up stairs instead of going out front door skullskull
Camera is the killer
Victims cower in front of a window/door
Toilet stall scene
Victim locks self in with killer
Killer is in car with victim
Cat jumps out skullskull
Fake scare skull
Laughable scare
Blood hits camera
Killer doesn't stay dead skullskull
Stupid discovery of corpse
Dream sequence skull
Victim running from killer inexplicably falls
No one believes only witness
Blood fountain
Poor death effect
Excessive gore skull
Music detracts from scene
Horror film showing on TV/in theater in movie
Future celebrity appears
No one dies at all
Death in first five minutes
Virgin survives
Geek/Nerd survives
Little kid lamely survives
Dog/Pet miraculously survives
Villain is more sympathetic than heroes
Unresolved subplots
"It was all a dream" ending
Unbelievably happy ending
What the hell?

Total Skulls: 11

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