Whitenack Family History and Letters, by Mildred Hamburg (cont.)

Family A.
Johannes Wietkneght (also spelled Witeknaght, Whiteknacht, Whitenaught, etc.) probably married twice and maybe three times. He would have been old enough by 1719 to marry and perhaps have had Blakert Weidknecht. One rumor is that he had 4 sons in Long Island before he moved to New Jersey. There are no birth records of such children and no marriage records, etc. of Johannas' ever living in Long Island - just hearsay. But this could be the relationship between Johannas and Blakert.

The first record of Johannas Wietkneght then is that he joined the church at Readington (North Branch,) N. J. in 1728. He was on the tax list of 1735 in Franklin, (called 6-Mile Run in 1716) Somerset Co., N.J. as owning 100 acres of land, cattle 7, and was taxed £1 1s 3d. Hw was a freeholder (of land) in the Sourland Mountain (Western Precinct) in 1753 and a member of Mr. Frelinghuysen's church at 6-Mile Run and was voted an elder of the church on Sept. 25, 1751. In 1761 he donated £0.10s 0 to build the kerk at Neshanneck. Services were in English and Dutch until 1784.

The will of Johannes Witeknaght, yeoman of Souerland Mountains, Somerset Co. was dated Aug. 24, 1779 and probated 1783 (recorded Book 25, p. 214). Wife: Neeltye, use of real and personal estate while my widow, after which to be sold and money given as follows: To grandson, Johannes Witeknaght, son of my son, Johannes (born 1746), deceased £5. Son, Abraham to have an outset as the other sons had. Daughter, Sarah Witeknaght an outset as the other daughters had that are married. Rest of estate to children: Cornelius, Andries, Hendrick, Abraham and the children of Johannes deceased, and my daughters: Jannetye, Neeltye, Margaret and Sarah. Executors: Cornelius and Andries, sons, and friend, Johannes Stryker.

[Baptismal records indicate: Neeltie, bap 9 Jan 1741, Henderick bap 1743, Josep bap 1747, Sara bap 1754, Abraham bap 11 Apr 1756]

(An outset - a setting out, starting or beginning.)

Although Johannas mentions his grandson by his son Johannas first in his will, according to records he was not the eldest son. The eldest we have record of is: Cornelius, born in 1731, who probably had a different mother than Abraham born in 1756.

Family Details
Family A1 Cornelius, some records state he was born 20 June 1731 - others that he was born 20 Nov 1731. He married Cortelyantje -- on 20 Nov 1758 who died 14 Oct 1816. They lived in Montgomerty Tsp. Somerset Co., N.J. He was a farmer and he died 26 Mar 1810. Issue: John, Abraham, Abraham, Isaac, Agnes, Jacob, Nelly, Cornelius C. (Children baptized Harlingen)
Family A11 Johannas, called Rev. John Whitenack, born 23 Aug 1761 in Somerset Co., married Gertrude (Gerthe) Stryker on 30 Nov 1786. On birth records his name was spelled Johannes Whiteknaght, but in later years he was known as Rev. John Whitenack. Gertrude was born 16 July 1767. Their issue: Catelinechey (Cathelina); Hendrick Stryker; Cornelius; Hendrick (Henry); Catherine; John; Abraham; Elizabeth; John; Gertrude; Sarah Agnes; Lydia Ann. (Rev. John Whitenack died 20 Aug 1828). [Baptisms at Harlingen Reformed Dutch Church Somerset Co., Montgomery Tnship NJ]
Family A111 Catelinechey (Cathelina) born 28 May 1788, bap. 22 Jun 1788, died 14 Oct 1816. Marriage or issue unknown.
Family A 112 Hendrick Stryker Whitenack, born 10 Nov 1789 died 6 Mar 1792. No issue.
Family A 113

Cornelius, born 31 Aug 1791 married 17 Jan 1820 Sarah Van Nostrand who died at age 37 on 28 Feb 1834. Children of this marriage (many of whom were buried at Raritan Cemetary, Sommerville, N.J.: Jacob, born 10 Aug 1821 died 1921; Mary born [bap] 5 Nov 1820 died 1820; Caroline born [bap] 29 Aug 1822 died 20 Sep 1829; Phebe Jane, see below; John born 12 Sep 1827 died 29 Sep 1832; Eleuna Hardcastle born [bap] 24 Oct 1829; Richard born [bap] 5 May 1832 see below; John born 1832, Ellen born 1830.

Cornelius married (2) Ann Bullock who was born 20 Jan 1800 and died 18 May 1878 in Sommerville. Issue: Sarah G. born in 1838 (living in 1850) and Margaret born 19 Sep 1842 and who died 30 Mar 1843 [26 Sep 184?]. In the 1850 census living in Bridgewater, Somerset Co. were: Cornelius age 58, Ann age 49, Ellen age 20, Richard age 19 and Sarah G age 12.

Family A1131 Phebe Jane, born [bap] 23 Oct 1825 married Richard S. Hoagland son of William and Sarah (Vroom) Hoagland. See page 21 for Hoadland descendants (parents unknown). [d. 31 Oct 1868]
Family A1132 Eleuna or Ellen born 24 Oct 1829 married.
Family A1133 Richard born 5 May 1832 married Sarah Smith on 2? April 1864. They lived in Boundbrook, Sommerville, N.J. May have had issue
Family A11331 Thomas Smith Whitenack born
Family A11332 Edith Whitenack born at Scotch Plains, N.J. married Pierre Scherry, lives at 160 Henry St., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Family A1134 John Born 1832
Family 1135 Sarah C. born in 1838 and living in 1850. See page 21 & 22 (several Whitenack, Sarah marriages listed)
Family A114 Hendrick (Henry), born 26 April 1794 baptized 16 Nov 1794, married Harriet Edenborn on 23 Nov 1820 who was born in Pennsylvania in 1797 [13 Aug 1795, d. 6 Apr 1882] (Harriet Whitenack was listed in 1850 census of Bridgewater, Somerset Co., N.J. age 53 born in Pennsylvania with daughter Margaret, age 12 born in New Jersey). Henry Whitenack may be the Henry Whitenack who died 14 Nov 1848 [d. 3 Dec 189?] as he was not listed in the 1850 census. Their issue: Gertrude Stryker Whitenack, Jacob Edenborn Whitenack, Mary Elizabeth Whitenack, Margaret, John H.
Family A1141 Gertrude Stryker Whitenack born [bap] April 4. See page 21 for Gertrude Whitenack marriages.
Family A1142 Jacob Edenborn Whitenack born [bap] 7 May 1826. No further record.
Family A1143 Mary Elizabeth born 31 Aug 1828. Further record missing. [m. Peter S. Smith. She d. 1873, Raritan Cemetary Somerset NJ]
Family A1144 John H. born in 1831[/32] [bap 30 Oct 1831] and died [3 Jan] 1898. A John H. Whitenack is listed as a voter in Bridgewater Tsp. Registry book of 1866. His records are missing.
Family A115

Catherine Whitenack born [20] Feb. or Mar. 1796 [d. 24 Jul 1848 bur. Raritan Cemetary Somerset NJ] married (1) James Taylor on 16 Oct 1820. Their issue: John Whitenack Taylor and William Henry Taylor, Caroline Elizabeth.

Catherine Whitenack married (2) John C. Garretson on 30 Dec 1828. There is a record of his being married to Sarah Whitenack before 1830, and having several children by Sarah Whitenack. Perhaps Catherine died shortly after her marriage to Mr. Garretson and he married another Whitenack girl. Some confusion here maybe.

Family A1151 John Whiteneck Taylor baptized 2 Dec 1821, no further records.
Family A1152 William Henry Taylor baptized 25 Jan 1824, no further records.
Family A1153 Caroline Elizabeth baptized 1 July 1832.
[Family A1154] [Gertrude Stryker baptized 29 July 1828 1st Reformed Church Raritan Somerville NJ.]
Family A116 John Whitenack born 26 Dec 1797 and died 21 Sep 1801.
Family A117 Abraham Whitenack born 20 Sep 1799 died 22 Sep 1801.
Family A118 Elizabeth born 3 Jan 1802 baptized Somerville, N.J. on 21 Feb 1802 married John J. Staats on 21 Oct 1828. Their issue: Gertrude
Family A1181 Gertrude Staats married Cornelius J. Whitenack of Royce Field, farmer, born 30 Mar 1829 and died 29 Dec 1865. They were married 11 May 1854. Gertrude died 5 Jan 1898. Issue (no record):
Family A119 John born 13 Dec 1804 and died 23 Feb 1805.
Family A 11-10

Gertrude born 7 Feb 1807 and baptized at Somerville, 17 May 1807 married John A. Staats 15 April 1829 and she died 20 Jan 1838. Their issue: Abraham there may have been other children.

Family A11-10-1 Abraham, born 29 Aug 1830 [bap same day]. No other records are available.
Family A11-11 Sarah Agnes born 24 Aug 1809, bap. 10 Jan 1810 married John C. Garretson 30 Dec 1828 [Sarah died 15 Oc 1842 buried Raritan Cemetary, Somerset NJ]. Issue: Margaret Conover; John, Garret [bap 10 Nov 1832].
Family A11-11-1 Margaret Conover Garretson was born 25 Apr 1830--no other records are available.
Family A11-11-2 John Whitenack born 26 Jun 1831. Haven't any other records of him.
Family A11-12 Lydia Ann born 15 Nov 1810 baptized 12 May 1811 [died 13 Mar 1838] (1) married 2 Sep 1829 Peter P. Auten. Their issue: Peter P. Auten. (2) married Isaac Whitenack, before son was born, (Peter P. Auten). [Lydia died 13 Mar 1838]
Family 11-12-1 Peter P. Auten was born 31 Mar 1833 [bap same day].

The above are the descendants of Rev. John Whitenack who bought the old Abraham Tunison homestead on the Great Road in Bridgewater, Somerset Co., NJ. In 1813 he sold an acre on Bridge St., Raritan to a church for $100. The children of this marriage are recorded at Rutgers Library, New Brunswick, NJ. This family owned a bible printed at Trenton, NJ in 1791.

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