Whitenack Family History and Letters, by Mildred Hamburg (cont.)

Family Details
Family A14 Isaac Whitenack born 1769 died 14 Nov 1811 (1493 R Inv.) married Rachel Stout, dauther of Richard and Penelopy (Parks) Stout about 1790 and had 10 children: Cornelius, John Stout Whitenack, Isaac, Penelopy, Catherin, Agnes, Mary Ann, Eunis, Ellen, Ocilla.
Family A141

Cornelius, born Jan or Mar 1793, died 24 Jun 1860 married Mary Kise who was born 29 May 1800 and died 9 Sep 1887. Cornelius was a wagon maker and was in the War of 1812, state of New Jersey. Mary Kise was from Fosters Crossing, Ohio. They were married in 1817 or earlier as some of their children were born in New Jersey. In 1821 they came by oxcart over the Sourland Mountains, New Jersey through Pennsylvania to Ohio. Cornelius died of blood poisoning on 24 Jun 1860 age 67 yrs., 2 mos., 24 days. He is buried in Hopkinsville cemetary, Lebanon, Ohio. Mary Kise Whitenack is buried on the Marker lot in (Union City) Indiana.

Cornelius enrolled 28 Apr 1813 and was out of the army 4 Dec 1814 (war of 1812) anbd was a private in CApt. Jacob Ton Eyck's Co. Lieut. David E. Morris Co. of Art. First tour of duty Lieut. Col. James Abraham's REg. N. Jer. Detailed Militia Middlesex, Monmouth, and Somerset Co.

The Stout family was from Nottinghamshire England and came to America about 1640.

Family A1411 Isaac Whitenack, born 23 Dec 1817, died 28 Jan 1894 (born in New Jersey) married 16 Sep 1838 Mariah Louise Collins who was born 11 Sep 1820 and died 6 Aug 1902. Issue 10 children: Joseph, Cornelius, Cynthia A., Amos, William Franklin, Mary Catherine, Sarah E., Rachel E., Isaac Newton, Sherman.
Family A14111 Joseph B. (1840-1909) had 7 children, 17 grandchildren great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren (Mrs. Garinger has a partial list of this family's descendants).
Family A14112

Cornelius Whitenack, (1842-1930) married Lucy Ann Rathbun (1840-1914) Issue 10 children: Carlos Emerson (1864-1937) who had 9 children (19 grandchildren); Olive Howard (1866-1955) no children; Sarah Jane (1868-1950) 9 children (10 grandchildren); John William (1870-1914) 8 children (8 grandchildren); Jessie (1872-1873); Emma Francis (1874-1919).

Emma Francis Whitenack married George Garinger, their issue--9 children, 23 grandchildren, 52 great-grandchildren, 1 great-great grandchild. One of their 9 children, Silas Matthew Garinger married Inis Brouse and had son Richard Albert, born 1925 who had issue of Suzanne Kay, born 1949, Kent Duane born 1952 and Debra Jean, born 1954. This is Mrs. Garinger's Family.

(to continue with Cornelius 10 children) their 7th child was: James Webster Whitenack (1876-1947) no children; Cynthia Louise (1877-1929) unmarried; Benjamin Franklin Whitenack (1880-19) still living, 11 children, 24 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren; another daughter born 1883 and still living.

Family A14113 Cynthia A. (1843-1926) married John Collett and their issue 11 children - 25 grandchildren.
Family A14114 Amos Whitenack (1845/46-1864) killed in Civil War.
Family A14115 William Franklin (1848-1916) 5 children - 5 grandchildren.
Family A14116 Mary Catherine married David (Van) Garinger Jr. 5 children - 12 grandchildren
Family A14117 Sarah E. (185001920) married Jacob Delaughter Garinger 6 children - 27 grandchildren
Family A14118 Rachel E. married Andrew Wiley issue 6 children
Family A14119 Isaac Newton (1856-1926) 2 children - 4 grandchildren
Family A1411-10 Sherman (1866-1889) 2 children - 2 grandchildren
The above list of Issac Whitenack's descendants who was the first son of Cornelius and Mary (Kise) Whitenack will give you some idea of how massive such a famiy history could become.
Family A1412 Abram born 8 Oct 1819 died 21 Dec 1898 married 4 Feb 1844 Martha Elizabeth Leever who was born 13 Sep 1819 and died 28 Jun 1894. Their issue 12 children: Hamilton Richard (1845-1895); Sarah C. (1846-1895); Cornelius (1848-1893); Lydia Ann (1852-1931); David Sheets (1850-1893); Syndiam (1852- ); Franklin Abel (1854-1953); Mary (1855-1932); Elizabeth Alice (1857-1950); Abraham (1859-after 1935); William A. (1861-1933); Samuel (1863-about 1924).
Family A1413 Catherine born about 1821/22 married ---- Dunham and moved to Illinois. Still living in 1860.
Family A1414 Jacob born 16 Mar 1823 died in 1894 married 19 Aug 1848 Jermina J. Wofl who was born 27 Aug 1829 and died 25 Dec 1957. They lived in Warren Co., Ohio. Issue 11 children: John F. (1850-1875); Mary C. (1851- ); Phoebe J. (1853- ); Ira A. (1854- ); Samuel C. (1856- ); Sarah B. (22 Jan 1859- ); Andrew J. (4 Dec 1859- ); Laura E. (1862- ); Martha (1856- ); Lewis Keis (1868- ); Ira N. (1872-1874).
Family A1415 Ocee Whitenack born 30 Jul 1825 died 28 Oct 1910 married Aug 1846 William Fletcher Barrett who was born 24 Feb 1824 and died 13 Nov 1890. They had 10 children: Mary E. (1848-1933); Richard (died infancy); William Calvin (1853-1931); Rebecca; Elisha E. (1854-1889); Jesse (1857-1937); Martha A. (1859-1881); Ella (1862-1947); Frank; Edward; Theodore (1866-1943).
Family A1416

Mary Whitenack born 28 Nov 1829 and died 21 Jan 1912 married 3 Feb 1848 David Sheets Harker who was born 22 Jan 1827 and died 16 Jan 1907. They had 12 children: Rebecca H. (1848-1934); Joseph E; Mary Alice; Emma; Sarah J. died 23 Sep 1855 age 3 or 7 yrs.; Chas. Wesely (1855-1939); Christiana (1861-1939) who married Stephen A. Douglas Whipple.

They had 3 sons: Kelley, James Blaine and Tod. James Blaine Whipple had 3 daughters: Mildred, (me); Virginia; Elizabeth (Betty) Jeanne. Mildred married Wilbur Hamburg and they had issue: Linda Marie who married David Freeman and have issue: Michele Marie and Denise Dawn. See Harker History for more complete list.

(to continue with Mary and David Harker's children): David E.; Jennie; Della; Hattie (1865-1896); Norton (1867-1870). (These children are not in the right order.)

Family A1417 Rachel Whitenack born 1831 died 1914 married Benjamin Auker who was born in 1824 and died in 1908. Issue 10 children: Jacob (1856-1929); John G. (1857-1931); David; Ella (1861-1929); Nancy; Ida A. (1864-1952); Ossie (1853-should be No. 1); Rose Etta (1863-1950); Jane; Benjamin (1867-1922).
Family A1418 Cornelius born 1833 died young man married Minerva Wolf. Issue: Amanda (died at age 21) and William born 1853 died 1915 married Mary Ellen Collins who has 4 children: Guy, Grace, Clementine and Ray.
Family A1419 Andrew J. married Mary McCaskey 7 Dec 1859.
Family A141-10 William (?)
The above are the descendants of Cornelius Whitenack who was the son of Isaac and Rachel (Stout) Whitenack. To continue their family:
Family A142 John Stout Whitenack born in Somerset Co., NJ married Deborah Odell and both are buried in Woodlawn Cemetary Westchester Co., NY. Children: Isaac, Sara, John; Henry and Susan.
Family A1421 Isaac born 1834 in New York City married Mary Annette Benjamin who was born 1833 in Ghent, Columbia Co., NY. Their children: Carrie Louisa born Aug 1840 and married --- Smith and have a daughter Eva Annetta who married ---- Platt; Mary Ellen born New York City in 1858; Isaac Henry born New York City.

The rest of Isaac and Rachel Whitenack's children we have no records of:

Family A143: Penelopy
Family A144: Catherin
Family A145: Agnes
Family A146: Mary Ann
Family A147: Eunis
Family A148: Ellen
Family A149: Ocilla

This completes the records of Isaac and Rachel Whitenack's descendants.

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