Andreas Weydknecht

The following information is taken from The Palantine Families of New York by Henry Z. Jones, Jr, pp. 1070 to 1072.

ANDREAS WEYDKNECHT (Hunter Lists #793)

The ancestral origins of this N.J. family were at 7519 Adelshofen (4 km. n. of Eppingen; Chbks. begin 1655). The grandfather of the emigrant (Michael) Andreas was Martin Weidknecht, d. 1671, aged 70 yrs. and called Schultheiß of many yrs. here at his burial. A child of Martin Weidknecht was Andreas Weidknecht, md. as s/o Martin Weidknecht the Schultheiß 14 Nov 1671 to Catharina, single d/o the late Hanß Weidknecht - inhabitant here. Andreas Waidknecht, attorney, was recorded on the Schatzungseinnahmen for Adelshofen dated 1687 found at the Karlsruhe Archives (GLA 125-3094). Andreas Weidknecht, formerly Schultheiß here, d. 2 Feb 1708, aged 64 yrs. By his 1st wife Catharina, the ch. of Andreas Weidknecht were:

+ Michael Andreaß, b. 1 Nov 1672 - sp.: M. Troje - past. loci, and Andreaß Fischer.
Hanß Michael, b. 2 April 1675 - sp.: M. Troje - past. loci, Hans Peter Diller fr. Epping, and Hans Jorg Sommer.

Catharina, w/o Andreaß Weidknecht, d. 12 Nov 1675, aged 27 yrs. Andreaß Weidknecht, Heilingenpfleger und des Gerichts, md. Anna Elisabethat Schlütter 25 July 1677. By this 2nd marriage he had ch.:

Agneß Catharina, bpt. 10 April 1678 - sp.: Agness - w/o Pastoris loci, Hans Peter Diller from Eppingen, and the w/o Hans Jorg Sommers.
Hans Peter, bpt. 7 April 1681 - sp.: Hans Jerg Sommer, Eckhardt Gauder, and Hans Peter Diller from Epping.
Anna Elisabetha, b. 18 Oct 1683 - sp.: Anna Frick, Anna Gauder, and Anna Thüll from Eppingen.
Anna Ursula, b. 17 May 1686 - sp.: Ursula Magdalena Luz - w/o past. loci, Anna Gauder, Anna Frick, and Anna Düller. A note adds she d.
Anna Maria, b. 6 Dec 1690 - sp.: H. Albrecht Mamer (?) - past. huj loci, Maria Eva von Ruffenberg, Anna Frick, and Anna Casselmänn
Anna, bpt. 20 June 1694 - sp.: Anna - w/o Joh. Martin Frick, and Anna - w/o Joh. Dietrich Kaßelman.
Hanß Martin, b. 11 Jan 1697 - sp.: Hanß Martin Frick, and Hanß Dietrich Casselman.

Michael Andreas Weydknecht, s/o H. Andreas Weydknecht the Schultheiß, md. Margaretha Barbara Erich, d/o the late Hans Georg Erich - formerly citizen and Bauman unter dem fürstlich Farmstätt (Darmstadt?) Gebieth called Auerbach, 19 Oct 1697. The registers at Auerbach/Bergstraße (begin 1660, but gaps) show that Margaretha Barbara, d/o Eckardt Erich and wife of Anna Catharina, was bpt. 10 Jan 1669 - sp.: Margaretha - w/o Johan Marten, and Barbara - w/o Hans Elgert; Anna Catharina, w/o Eckard Erich, was bur. 4 Sept 1678, aged 40 yrs. (end of Auerbach Chbk. references).

Andreas Weydknecht made his initial appearance on the Hunter Lists 30 Jun 1710 with 3 pers. over 10 and 1 under 10 yrs. of age. The family was recorded with 4 pers. over 10 and 1 under 10 on 4 Oct 1710, 4 over 10 yrs. on 24 June 1711, and 3 pers. over 10 on 24 June 1712 when Andreas Weidknecht's Widw was noted. Johann Michael Waidknecht sp. Christian Castelmann, also from Adelshofen, in 1710 (West Camp Luth. Chbk.). Andreas Weidknecht sp. J. Peter Kastner, again also from the Adelshofen region, in 1711 (West Camp Luth. Chbk.). Andreas Weidnecht aged 40, Margaret Weidnecht aged 40, George Fred Weidnecht aged 13, John George Weidnecht aged 11, and Anna Eliz Weidnecht aged 9, were in N.Y. City in 1710/11 (Palatines In N.Y. City). Margretha Weidknechtin, a Widow with 2 ch., was auf dem Rarendantz ca. 1716/17 (Simmendinger Register). The wid/o Andreas was the ... Weidknecht who md. Niclas Hammeler 16 Aug 1718 (N.Y. City Luth. Chbk.); the assignment signed by Nicholas Hamler and wife Margret on the back of a 1726 deed between James Alexander and John Budd on one part and Nicholas Hamler of Somerset Co., N.J. supports this 2nd marriage (HJ). The ch. of (Michael) Andreas Weydknecht and Margaretha Barbara were:

  1. Pleichard Dieterich, b. 15 March 1698 - sp.: Pleichard Dietrich Wider and Cath. Juliana Gauder (Adelshofen Chbk.). He was erroneously noted as George Fred in the family of Andreas in N.Y. City in 1710/11 (HJ). The will of Blakert Whitenach Sr. of Morristown, N.J. was dated 30 Nov 1761 and probated 22 Oct 1777 (N.J. Wills: Lib. 19, p. 278). Pleichard Dieterich md. Anna/Ann (a family name coming down in the Bockoven family suggests she might have been Anna Henn, but more proof is needed) (HJ). The ch. of Pleichard Dieterich and Anna/Ann were:
    1. Andreas (Will).
    2. Pleichard (Will).
    3. Johannes (Will).
    4. Margaretha (Will).
    5. Jean (Will).
    6. Anna (Will).
    7. Martha (Will).
    8. Maria (Will). Pages from the Bockoven Family Bible kindly supplied by Alfred A. Hagedorn note she was b. 7 July 1740 and md. George Bockoven 12 April 1759.
    9. Catharina (Will).
    10. Elisabetha (Will). She md. Jacob Bockoven (per Alfred Hagedorn).
  2. Johann Georg, b. 15 Dec 1700 - sp.: Georg Daniel Frick, Dietrich Caßelman, and Hans Michel Gauderer (Bauderer?) (Adelshofen Chbk.). There was a Johannes Whitenack in Somerset Co., N.J. He md. Neeltje (--) and had issue bpt. at the Six-Mile-Run Ref. Church. Some unplaced Whitenacks undoubtedly belong in his family (HJ).
  3. Anna Elisabetha (Palantines In N.Y. City).
  4. Johann Dieterich, b. 16 Feb 1705 - sp.: Hans Dietrich Casselman, Bernh. Schlauch, and Georg Daniel Frick (Adelshofen Chbk.). The chbk. adds that the child d.

Special thanks are due to Alfred Arthur Hagedorn of Colorado Springs, Colorado for his expertise so generously shared on this family; and, as usual, John P. Dern was of great help in analysing the data.