Dr. Drinks

Did you ever notice that lots of drinks have the title Dr.?
Many of these are ripoffs of Dr Pepper, and I collect them.

Here is a link to the Dr Pepper Museum.

My only rule for collecting is that drink be, arguably, a ripoff of Dr. Pepper.
Usually these drinks come in a brownish or maroon can, and have a title. I have found many Dr. drinks, but only one other title - Mr. (as in Mr. PiBB). A lot of people notice that Mr. PiBB has a strange geographical distribution.

A good place to look for Dr Pepper ripoffs is in the generic soda section at your supermarket. Many big supermarket chains have a unique spin on the Dr Pepper taste.

Below are the ripoffs I have collected so far. Click on links to see pictures.

Dr. Drinks
Name Discoverer Location Taste
Dr. A+ Stephen W. Albertson's, Salt Lake City, UT Bad
Dr. Becker Stephen W. Wild Oats Market, Salt Lake City, UT Good, but different from Dr Pepper - kind of fruity.
Dr. Gulpster Stephen W. 7-11, Salt Lake City, UT Like Turpentine - unbelievably bad
Doc Holiday Stephen W. Dan's Supermarket, Salt Lake City, UT Crappy.
Dr. Joe's Noah C. Joe's Trading Post, Maine Kind of spicy.
Dr. K Gretchen H. Kruger's Supermarket, KS Okay.
Dr. Parker Josh P. Somewhere in Denver, Co. Crap-o-licious.
Dr. Pepper Everyone Everywhere Excellent
Dr. Perfect Urszula Stop-n-Shop, MA ???
(Our Family) Doctor Stephen W. and Dave W. Sun Mart Foods, Beatrice, NE Fruity (cherry).
Dr. Rocket Noah C. K-Mart, N. Conway, NH Horrendous
Dr. Shasta Gretchen H. ?? ??
Dr. Smith Stephen W. Smith's, Salt Lake City, UT Bad
Dr. Smooth Anson W. Stop -n- Shop, Boston, MA Bad
Dr. Thunder Sharon W. Sam's Club, Nashua NH Indistinguishable from Dr. Pepper
Dr. U Mike W. Ukrop's, Maryland Indistinguishable from Dr. Pepper
Dr. Wild (A) Jen B. Fred Meyer's, Salt Lake City, UT Bad
Dr. Wild (B), The Doctor Stephen W. Wild Oats Market, Salt Lake City, UT I smell a lawsuit... See Dr Wild (A). Plus, it tastes suspiciously like Dr. Becker.
Dr. West Stephen W. Dan's Supermarket Bad


Drinks with other titles:
Name Discoverer Location Taste
Mr. Pibb Everyone Complicated! Click here for more information. (Thanks for the link, Mike W.) Better than Dr. Pepper

Here is a Dr. Pepper Clock my friend Shawn gave me. It is really awesome! Thanks Shawn! (note the Floppy Disk, for scale)

Dr. Pepper Clock Picture