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Greetings! This site is dedicated to my interests in Astronomy.  These include amateur telescope making, equipment reviews and general observing.


Explains how to get started in astronomy, along with some tips on how to choose binoculars and a first telescope for the beginning astronomer.  Additional astronomy equipment that you will need is presented.  Includes many useful links to other references on the net.
Information on my local observing area, Albuquerque New Mexico.  Includes information on dark sites for observing and local star parties.
Deep space Trill is a suitcase transportable 12". This telescope and suitcase conforms to all airline checked luggage requirements.
Deep space 5 (DS-5) is my current dream.  Goals are to have a 20" that doesn't require a ladder, and can be moved in a hatchback.  A step stool is considered an acceptable compromise. 
Deep space 4 (DS-4) is a second generation ultralight "Deep Space" design.  Design goals are to allow a 16" telescope to easily be transported in a hatchback car.  Vibration and wind resistance is mandatory.  Excellent baffling is also a design requirement. 
Deep space 3 (DS-3) is an ultra light 12 inch Dobsonian telescope that will fit into the trunk of a Honda Del Sol without modification.  It includes a wire spider, lightweight secondary, aluminum trusses, and a very low profile.  This scope weighs 39 pounds, and has a 25 pound primary mirror box.  It also has a very simple and effective mirror cell.  This telescope is mainly made out of 1/2 inch plywood.
Formulas for telescopes as well as observing.
From the dark sky clock

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